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Bridgerton showrunner reveals Colin was intentionally supposed to give viewers the ‘ick’

It was the wink that got me

The first part of Bridgerton is full of wholesome moments between Penelope and Colin, but we had to sit through some painful moments during episode one, throughout which Colin was giving major ick energy. I’m sorry but the weird pout was reminiscent of handsome Squidward. The combination of his pouting and that traumatic wink was enough for me to recoil every time I saw him, but it turns out that was all part of the showrunner’s plan.

Showrunner Jess Brownell intentionally wanted Colin to give viewers the ick during the first episode of Bridgerton, and showcase how Penelope was the only one who knew him well enough not to buy it. In an interview with Marie Clarie, Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan have explained the ickiest moments and what they represent in the show.


Pirate Colin gave us all the ick in the first ep of Bridgerton S3 — here’s what Luke Newton and @nicolacoughlan had to say about *that* wink… #bridgerton #bridgertonseason3 #polin #celebrityinterview #nicolacoughlan #lukenewton #colinbridgerton

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The interviewer pointed out to the pair: “In the first episode there are quite a few moments where Colin gives the audience the ‘ick.'” Luke Newton felt surprised and responded, “Really! I know what bits it is as well, yeah it’ll be the chatting to the ladies.” Nicola explained that what made it so funny was partly because his behaviour during that scene was so unlike Luke’s with Luke agreeing that he “doesn’t know how to feel about it.”

Nicola added that showrunner Jess Brownell intentionally wanted the viewers to cringe and feel the ick when watching his beginning scenes. She admitted: “Jess made a point the other night where she said you’re meant to look at Colin doing all these things and go ‘no!’

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Luke and Nicola explained that at that moment it’s not supposed to feel like the Colin we’ve come to know throughout the previous two seasons with Luke adding: “I think there has to be that element of pretence like he’s come back and thinks he’s the man about town so it’s like slightly elevated but Penelope isn’t buying it for a second.”

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