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Eden reveals Jayden refused to share the same bed as her after they left MAFS Australia

‘It was a massive dealbreaker’

Eden has revealed more shocking bombshells from her breakup with Jayden after MAFS Australia 2024 including the fact that he literally refused to share a bed with Eden because of his nightly stretching routine. And no, you really can’t make this up. The two stayed together for final vows with Jayden even admitting to Eden that he “loved her” during one dinner party, and the pair looked very loved up during the reunion.

However, just weeks after the reunion aired in the UK Eden announced their split on her socials, revealing that the breakup was “out of the blue” and he now wouldn’t “reply to her.” She added that there was no real reason for the split and “there was no big fight” between the two that made Jayden break up with her. “He just said, ‘I just feel like this isn’t right’,” she revealed.


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And now, Eden has appeared in Domenica and Ella’s Sit With Us podcast to discuss more about her breakup with Jayden after MAFS Australia 2024, and she’s dropped some pretty big bombshells.

She explained she was still “holding on to hope” following the end of their relationship and thought they might reconcile. She admitted: “I was bawling my eyes out. There were a couple of things about the relationship that were different to what I’m used to,” she revealed. She added that they were working through their issues together which is why “it was really shocking to come out of the blue.”

Eden revealed that whilst she knew Jayden had to maintain a strict schedule because of kickboxing, she didn’t realise just how rigorous it would have to be. She explained: “So much to a point where he won’t share a bed at night so he likes to be able to stretch and recover. That for me was a big deal breaker almost because I’m like, I need to be able to share a bed with a partner. Bedtime, he didn’t want to stay with me and that was really concerning.”


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Eden explained what happened the night of their breakup, confessing: “Eventually one of the nights where he came to stay, he said, ‘I can’t do this. I feel like I can’t meet your expectations.’ I was just really confused, because the only thing I’d ever ask him was for a sleepover once a week.”

She added that they saw each other again a couple of days later and she tried to convince him that they should stay together and work on their relationship but his mind was already made up. She told Ella and Dominica: “He made his decision, he didn’t really want to have the conversation, to be honest. I was holding on to hope that he would realise he was making the wrong decision. I just think I wasn’t what he wanted and that’s the bottom line and I just really have to accept that.” Poor Eden!

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