Young Sheldon Georgie baby

It turns out Georgie was originally supposed to have a baby with Veronica in Young Sheldon

The storyline was axed at the last minute

In the finale of Young Sheldon, Georgie and Mandy are navigating raising their baby together but it turns out that he was originally supposed to have a baby with an entirely different character. Despite the plotline having to be axed due to scheduling conflicts, Georgie was originally supposed to stay with his girlfriend Veronica and get her pregnant instead of with Mandy.

This would have completely changed the outcome of the show, and if they had decided to stick with this storyline perhaps we’d be getting a spinoff show about Georgie and Veronica instead of him and Mandy. Still, Mandy is now a firm part of the extended Cooper family and it seems like the choice to change was for the best.

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Veronica first appeared during the second season of Young Sheldon as a stereotypical bad girl and is one of the students Sheldon tutors. She later devotes her life to Christianity and stops drinking and smoking, as well as cutting her hair. She later flees from her home to escape her abusive household and asks if she can stay with the Coopers with her and Georgie having a will they won’t then flirtatious relationship together.

In real life the actress who played Veronica, Isabel May had to suddenly quit Young Sheldon due to scheduling conflicts with her Netflix show Alex and Katie, in which she played the main part. Who knows how different the show and Georgie’s life would have turned out if she’d been able to stay!

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