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The messiest Selling The OC post-show drama that’s happened between Sean and Austin

I can hardly keep track!

Season three of Selling The OC has delivered a lot of major drama, with former besties Sean and Austin being right in the centre of it all. If you’re a bit behind on the drama from this season Austin claimed that two cast members told him that Sean accused him and his wife of cooking him dinner, drugging him with weed cookies and attempting to lure him into their bedroom for a threesome. Sean insisted this rumour was a lie and the entire office became divided over who was team Sean and who was team Austin. Eventually, things got so heated that the two actually went outside and started to get into a physical fight with each other.

And whilst a lot of the drama happened on the show, I’d argue the juiciest stuff has come out since Selling The OC ended, with Sean and Austin exposing some very petty secrets about each other in order to prove they’re in the right. And it definitely doesn’t seem like their feud has just been for views as Austin has revealed he’s firmly no longer friends with Sean.

In an interview with Netflix, he admitted: “Sean and I no longer speak, and I think that’s pretty clear why. He made up some really personal lies about myself and then involved my wife, so I had my Will Smith moment and I’ve moved on. Now I’m really focused on just family, work, and giving my children the lives that they deserve. I don’t really have time for that stuff.” So, let’s break down all of the messy post-show drama that’s happened between these two, and get comfy because there’s a lot to get through!

Sean has been caught lying about the message Tyler sent him

So I took a closer look at the message Tyler sent Sean…
byu/MinaLinx inSellingSunset

So I took a closer look at the message Tyler sent Sean…
byu/MinaLinx inSellingSunset



During episode eight, Sean tells his fellow cast members that Tyler doesn’t want him working with Austin. Well, one Reddit user has actually transcribed the text message and exposed Sean for telling some major lies to everyone.

Whilst some words can’t be read fully, the message reads: “Choose sides or put themselves in a to personally or professionally. Moving forward, if things can’t be kept where they should be then I agree with you that nothing should be said at all. I only ever did talk because I was swept up in the family aspect of the cast. You live and you learn. That being and like we already talked about, you SHOULD work with Austin. And anyone else you want to.

“We’re all grinding and the goal for all is to make enough money to feed our —, right? As your friend and colleague, all I want is your success. Whether it’s solo, with me or anyone else. There’s no need to walk on eggshells or feel like you’re doing anything wrong when you’re out. And I did call you just now to link up FYI. And I’m sorry I haven’t been more available. Like you, I am busy and not just with real estate but with side hustles and personal stuff.

“I wasn’t just on vacation, that was a work trip I’m grinding man and I want to keep grinding. It’s been no disrespect to you. No weird vibes moving forward. Here to work with you as we see fit and as opportunities come. Or not because our friendship comes first no matter what. Love you long time. Have a good workout.”

Austin then accused Sean of being fake and a ‘liar’


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In his first post addressing all the drama that happened on the show, Austin dramatically accused Sean of being a “liar” and making up the rumour in order to get more screentime during Selling The OC.

In his statement, Austin wrote: “First things first… finish the entire season! The lies start to fall apart and opinions change. The truth will always prevail. The answer to most of your questions/accusations is simply screen time.

“In reality TV, if you are not featured, you are not paid. When you quit your job and haven’t sold a property in two years, you get desperate. Contrary to popular belief, reality TV doesn’t pay the bills. In reality TV, you can quite literally make anything up and it’s your word vs theirs. Scary Stuff. I’m sorry but not sorry bc the following does not mean I’m hitting on you, especially if we are good friends. Double-tapping your posts, sending heart emojis or complimenting your progress in the gym (them legs.)

“I’m a straight man. I love my wife and we have never and will never ‘experiment.’ I can care less what you do in your personal life. Zero judgment here, do what makes YOU happy. If you are negative you will get blocked. I have no space in my life for negativity or your fantasies.”

Sean then exposed Austin by sharing private texts that seemed to prove his innocence


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Sean then took to Instagram to defend himself against Austin’s statement and he came fully stocked with the receipts. He quite literally went through every single event that took place and addressed them. Sean shared screenshots of private texts between himself and Austin that seemed to indicate that instead of being cooked dinner at their house, the three of them went out to a restaurant instead. One of them is definitely embellishing the truth!

‘The rumour’