Bridgerton audio description

There’s a secret way to watch Bridgerton which lets you hear Colin’s internal monologue

It also makes the carriage scene 10 times spicier

As if the emotional scenes in Bridgerton weren’t already gut-wrenching enough and the carriage scene insanely spicy, it turns out there’s a feature on Netflix called audio description that you can use. Not only does this feature make everything feel ten times more exhilarating and intimate, but it even lets you hear Colin’s internal monologue.

And when I tell you it changes the Bridgerton viewing experience completely I really do mean it. If you thought the Bridgerton carriage scene was sexy then just wait until you hear it with the audio description, it turns it into something similar to a fan fiction and the whole of Twitter have collectively lost their minds over it.

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Two scenes in particular stand out as benefitting most from the feature, those being the ball scene where Colin has to watch Penelope dance with Lord Debling and the other is obviously the famous carriage scene. So, what exactly does the audio description say about both these scenes? Let’s find out!

It starts: “Lord Debling steps in and out, toward and away from each other. Colin watches longingly. From another part of the room, Violet eyes her son. Penelope twirls away from Debling and moves back in with a smile. He lightly touches her waist. Colin’s jaw tightens. He looks away. She spins gracefully, her gown sweeping out around her. Colin’s eyes glisten as he watches, enraptured, helpless.”

Why did this genuinely add so much more emotion and longing to this scene than was originally there? I’m actually obsessed.

— Netflix (@netflix) May 20, 2024

Let’s be honest, we’re all here for the extra details in the carriage scene, and it’s well worth the wait. The audio starts just before the two of them kiss: “He leans in close, bringing his face to hers. They share a scorching kiss. He wraps his arm around her waist. They separate for a brief moment, then share several deep, slow kisses.

“She runs her hands up to her face and down his chest. They pause, regarding each other in wonder. She brushes her fingers over the curves of his ear and rigs her hand through his hair. His open mouth curves upward in an ardent smile. He presses his lips to hers, flattening her against the back of her seat. His hand slides up her skirt, coming to rest at her hip. She grips his lapel as they kiss fervently.

“He pulls back and slowly slips one of her puffed sleeves down along the creamy skin of her left shoulder. He brushes his lips over her throat and the yielding flesh below. He skims his hand down and squeezes her lush breast through her sparkling bodice. She rests her hand on his, looking down with her pink lips parted.”

Via Netflix

The narrator continues: “His hand slowly slides down to her thigh. She finds his mouth with hers. He pulls back. They lock eyes, heaving. He looks down. He gently lifts the hem of her dress to palm the smooth curve of her calf. He meets her pleading eyes. She nods. He gathers the sparkling fabric in his fist. He softens his fingers as he slips them past her knee and beneath the folds of her skirts. They keep their eyes fixed on each other. Her mouth drops open. Her eyes widen, then drift closed. She clutches him convulsively.

“He watches her flushed face. Their open mouths meet. He catches her lip between his. She arches her neck and pulls him close. Her lips find his. They share several long smouldering kisses. His smile fades. They gaze deeply into one another’s eyes. They share a tender, lingering kiss. Their noses brush as they open their eyes. He gently slips her sleeve back onto her shoulder and straightens a lock of her hair.”

I AM PHYSICALLY UNWELL. And if you want to hear some new dialogue and different character’s thoughts then all you have to do is click audio and subtitles on Netflix, click audio and select the option for audio description in your chosen language.

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