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Here’s how old the cast of Gilmore Girls were compared to the ages of their characters

Lane’s actress being 27 is actually insane though

The cast of Gilmore Girls all appear to be a similar age to the characters they play on the show, but you’d be very surprised by some of the differences. The fact the actress who plays Lane was 27 at the time genuinely blows my mind, this woman fully looked 16. Whilst the key characters got to celebrate their birthdays on the show so we can easily work out their ages, for others it’s a bit more of a guessing game!

So, from the slightly concerning fact that Scott Patterson, who played Luke was still wearing backwards caps in his very late forties to Alexis Bledel being a little baby when she first started filming, here is how old the cast of Gilmore Girls were compared to the ages of their characters in the show.

Lauren Graham – Lorelai

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Age: 33

Cast member Lauren Graham was 33 when she started playing one of the most hyperactive characters in all of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai. Lorelai is 32 when the series starts, as one episode in season three of Gilmore Girls shows her 35th birthday. Can only hope I’m half the fashion icon Lorelai was when I am her age.

Alexis Bledel – Rory

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Age: 19

Alexis Bledel was just 19 when she started playing the role of Rory in Gilmore Girls and by the time the finale season rolled around she was 25. Rory is supposed to be 16 at the start of the show and we see her navigating the pitfalls of being a teenager and her progression into finding herself and becoming an adult.

Kelly Bishop – Emily

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Age: 56

I literally can’t imagine anyone else playing Lorelai’s mother Emily than Kelly Bishop, who was 56 when she first started the role and 63 by the time Gilmore Girls finished its final season. Whilst we don’t get an official confirmation of Emily’s age, it’s estimated she’s around her early fifties during the first season.

Edward Herman – Richard

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Age: 57

Edward Herman sadly passed away in 2013 at age 71, with the iconic Gilmore Girls cast member receiving a fitting tribute in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life miniseries. Edward was 57 when he started playing Richard who was also estimated to be in his early fifties, and by the final episode the actor was 64.

Melissa McCarthy – Sookie

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Age: 30

30 year old Melissa McCarthy was the perfect choice to play the bumbling Sookie and she was 37 when the show finished. Again, her character doesn’t have an official age but is assumed to be in her early thirties.

Scott Patterson – Luke

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Age: 42

Oh Luke, the loveable and grouchy cafe owner who proved you can still wear backwards caps well into your thirties. And whilst Luke was supposed to be around Lorelai’s age so mid to late thirties when Gilmore Girls first started, but Scott Patterson was quite a bit older than his character.

When the show started he was 42, and 49 by the time it finished, I can’t believe this man was almost 50! Proof backwards caps have anti-ageing properties.

Keiko Agena – Lane

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Age: 27

This one has to take the cake for the most insane age difference, every time I see Lane my mind physically cannot compute how old the actress who plays her actually is.

Keiko Agena played Rory’s best friend, Lane, a 16 year old student when Keiko herself was already 27 when filming the first season. This woman is three years away from 30 and fully passes for a teenager, my mind is boggled. By the time Gilmore Girls came to an end the actress was 34 and I swear this woman ages backwards.

Jared Padalecki – Dean

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Age: 18

Cast member Jared Padalecki was also a very similar age to his character in Gilmore Girls, with there being just a two year difference between them. Jared was 18 when he started playing 16 year od Dean, and when we saw him for the last time in season five he was 23.

Milo Ventimiglia – Jess

Gilmore Girls cast age

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Milo: 24

Milo played everyone’s favourite bad boy Jess throughout Gilmore Girls, and the fact he and Rory didn’t find their way back together brings me to my knees in pain.

There was a six year age gap between Milo who was 24 when he started and Jess who was depicted as being 18. Still, with his floppy hair and being facial hair free I think Milo easily passed for being younger than he actually was!

Age: 18

Matt Czuchry – Logan

Gilmore Girls cast age

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Age: 28

Matt Czuchry also had a bigger age difference between his actual age and the one of Logan in the series. Matt was 28 when he started filming with Logan supposed to be the same age as Rory, roughly 22. After Rory sadly rejected his proposal and left Logan a very sad boi the actor was 30.

Liza Weil – Paris

Gilmore Girls cast age

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Age: 23

Last but not at all least is Liza Weil who absolutely crushed the role of Paris, a character who you’ll probably sort of hate at first before slowly loving over the season as she develops.

Liza was already 23 by the time she started playing Paris in season one of Gilmore Girls, and was 29 by the final season. Her character Paris is the same age as Rory, with the two going to the same school as was 16.

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