Young Sheldon George cheated Mary

The Young Sheldon showrunner has finally confirmed whether George actually cheated on Mary

We finally have some concrete answers

There has always been an air of speculation around whether George actually cheated on Mary with his neighbour Brenda in Young Sheldon, but now showrunner Steve Molaro has definitively confirmed what actually happened. We first learned of George’s potential infidelity through one episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon explains the reasoning behind knocking on doors three times. He reveals that it all comes from the trauma of walking in on his father having sex with another woman.

George and his neighbour Brenda are seen slowly getting closer throughout multiple episodes and she eventually asks George out. He agrees to go to her house for dinner but before he can he has a heart attack, which interrupts their affair from developing any further. Still, fans have never been fully convinced that nothing happened between the pair behind the scenes.

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As for whether George actually cheated, it’s then revealed in another Big Bang episode that he didn’t actually cheat on Mary with Brenda in Young Sheldon, but that the two of them were actually just roleplaying. The woman Sheldon thought he saw his father having an affair with was actually just his mother, although Sheldon never got told this. But there’s still a lingering question about whether anything at all ever happened between Brenda and George.

In an interview with TVLine showrunner Steve Molaro finally revealed all: “We’ve talked about this a lot, like, how do we acknowledge larger Big Bang canon but not have to be tied to every joke? George cheating felt like a larger Big Bang canon because it’s tied to his three knocks, which is a big deal, and as we got deeper into the show, it also just didn’t feel like this was the kind of show where we wanted to deal with too much infidelity.

“We hinted at it a little bit with the Brenda Sparks character, so we talked about a way to close that loophole. Maybe this was a thing where Sheldon isn’t lying, but he’s not in possession of all the facts. He did not know it was Mary. He still thinks he walked in on his father cheating. I think that’s a moment where Sheldon thought he saw something. He thought he saw his dad with another woman, and he didn’t, and there’s a sadness to that, that he’s carried that all these years.”