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Bridgerton showrunner reveals why key friendship from the book was axed in season three

We missed out on a very dynamic duo

A lot of the aspects from the Bridgerton books have been axed in season three of the show, including one major friendship between two pivotal characters. In the Bridgerton books, Lady Danbury and Penelope are firm friends and she encourages Penelope to blossom in society. The two become confidantes in each other with Lady Danbury taking Penelope under her wing to mentor her coming out into society.

But it’s a friendship we sadly haven’t seen a lot of at all in season three, with the focus being between Violet, Francesca and Lady Danbury instead. Showrunner Jess Brownell has explained the reasoning behind her decision to cut the friendship between the two Bridgerton icons in an interview with Decider.

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She explained: “There were a few different reasons. I mean, first of all, I do love the Penelope and Lady Danbury connection in the book. We felt like we’ve watched two seasons of Lady Danbury being heavily involved in moulding or shaping the main couple and we wanted to give her a storyline that was more about her. And not just about her being an accessory on the sidelines to someone else’s story. We wanted to put her more front and centre.”

Perhaps we’ll see more of them in future seasons as they were a very wholesome part of the books.

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