Modern Family reboot

Omg, there are some major clues a Modern Family reboot might be in the works

I might pass out from excitement

Everyone remain calm, but there have been some major hints dropped that a Modern Family reboot could be coming soon, and I genuinely think I might burst with excitement. Modern Family ended in 2020 after 11 seasons of the hit sitcom, of which Jesse Tyler Fergurson revealed in 2022 that there’s already a script for a spinoff show out there.

Over the last few days, there have been numerous interactions and posts from the cast members who played Mitch, Cam and Lily which have led fans to think they could be hinting that a full Modern Family reboot could be in the works, or even a spin-off centred around their life in Missouri. Here are all the clues we’ve been given so far!

Jesse posted a picture of the Modern Family set to his Instagram story

Anyone know what this is about?
byu/ThanksToLYR inModern_Family

Jesse posted a picture of Phil and Claire’s Modern Family house set to his Instagram story, alongside the caption: “Haven’t seen this view in a while.” It could be that he’s just reminiscing and it’s an old photo, or is he hinting a revival could be in the works?

Eric who played Cam then posted an aged picture of Jesse

Haven’t seen this in a while 2
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Eric who played Jesse’s on-screen husband Cam then also posted a picture of Jesse looking considerably older, presumably using a filter, alongside wearing some suspiciously country looking clothes. Looks like something Mitch might wear if he’d really grown accustomed to life in Missouri…

Jesse and Aubrey who played Lily had lunch together

With the previous posts from Eric and Jesse and now this, could something be up?
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Jesse and Aubrey have an equally wholesome relationship now the show is over and still keep in regular contact. Still, it’s been a while since we saw the two of them together with Aubrey sharing a picture of the pair out for lunch together.

byu/colsondaddy inModern_Family

Whilst none of the other Modern Family cast members have got involved the sudden flurry of posting does seem to hint at a reboot or spinoff show. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to start getting some answers about what’s going on, all I want is for Hayley to finally get with Andy!