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Raegan Revord admits to feeling ‘brokenhearted’ over Missy’s ending in Young Sheldon

‘She’s the least successful Cooper kid’

The Young Sheldon finale was one that had us constantly reaching for our tissues, every time I think about Missy saying goodbye to her dad one last time I get all misty eyes. Whether you felt satisfied with the ending of Young Sheldon or not, there’s no doubt that it was an emotional one that seemed to tie a lot of the character’s plotlines together and paved the way for the spinoff featuring Georgie and Mandy.

However, it’s only natural that not all the cast members will feel happy with what happened to their characters, and actress Raegan Revord has admitted that she was heartbroken over the fate of Missy in the final episode of Young Sheldon. In an interview with TVLine, the actress opened up about the frustrations that both she and viewers had over how the show handled her character arc.

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She explained: “It breaks my heart. She just doesn’t have it easy. Her whole life, she was kind of ignored because of her [twin] brother and the one person who paid her attention died. She’s left with a grieving mom who probably isn’t there for her the way that she should have been because they’re all dealing with George’s death in their own way. Mary very much leans into her religion… and in Big Bang, Missy’s a waitress, she’s got all these kids and she’s the least successful Cooper kid.”

Maybe we’ll see Raegan make an appearance or at least get a Missy reference in the spinoff show so we can keep seeing hoe her life develops, and end her arc on a slightly more positive note!

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