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There’s a major clue George cheated on Mary whilst deployed in Vietnam during Young Sheldon

This changes everything

So, the theory that George cheated on Mary with their neighbour Brenda has been disproven by the showrunners, but fans think they’ve found a new major clue that proves George was unfaithful. The theory includes a small piece of dialogue surrounding when George was deployed to Vietnam and I genuinely cannot believe we missed this.

Hints like this could also prove that the George we see in Young Sheldon isn’t actually as different from the one talked about in Big Bang Theory. It might just be that we see don’t see all the negative aspects to George, such as his suspected infidelity.

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The clue was posted to Reddit, and explained that George did cheat on Mary in Young Sheldon, but not in the way we thought. During season one Sheldon becomes friends with Tam Nguyen who was originally from Vietnam. The Coopers invite Tam around for dinner, during which George asks him “Is your mom named Kim Lee by chance?”

Tam then replies that she’s not his mother and George seems relieved. Fans think this theory suggests that Sheldon could have a secret Vietnamese half-brother and that George cheated on Mary with a woman named Kim Lee whilst he was deployed in Vietnam. We know that George fought in the Vietnam War and that he met Mary the night before he was deployed, with the two ending up having sex together resulting in her becoming pregnant with Georgie.

The Young Sheldon episode seems to suggest that whilst in Vietnam and with Mary, George also had a fling with another woman but since nothing has been confirmed, it’s all speculation for now!

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