Love Island 2024 cast

They’re here! Meet the FULL cast list of official Islanders for Love Island 2024

This might be the best lineup we’ve had so far!

Guys! It’s been confirmed that Love Island 2024 starts next week, and today is the big day when ITV finally gives us the coveted cast list and we can get our first look over the singletons we’re all going to become obsessed with.

They’re currently in holding in Majorca, so there’s no chance of them knowing who else is going to be entering the villa with them, although we’ll have to wait and see who the day one bombshells will be unveiled as. From street dancers to models and disability advocates, here is the cast list for Love Island 2024 as it is released by ITV. Now, let’s meet everyone!

Samantha Kenny


Age: 26

Samantha is a 26 year old makeup artist from Liverpool who is ready to bring “some fire” to the show. When asked why she wants to join Love Island, she said: “I’m ready to settle down and Love Island is an amazing opportunity to meet someone that isn’t from my area. I love a cockney boy so I’m hoping there is one in there for me.

“I think I will definitely bring some fire, I’m very opinionated and wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m really bubbly too so I’ll definitely have a laugh as well as bringing some scouse glamour. As for what she’ll bring to the Love Island villa, she confessed that she needs to shake things up a bit: “I don’t get out enough, I work weekends and tend to not go out in Liverpool anymore. If I want a night out I go down to London as I love the boys down south. Tall, dark and cockney is my type.”

Munveer Jural


Age: 30

Munveer is a 30 year old recruitment manager from Surbiton in Surrey, and revealed his claim to fame is that he’s friends with Piers Morgan’s son. He says he wants to go on the show as “London dating hasn’t worked out” for him. “The opportunity to be surrounded by good looking people in a villa under the sun is an absolute no brainer! I’m 30 years old and I need to start thinking seriously about the next step, and what better place.”

He adds: “I haven’t found the right girl, I’m quite picky and have high standards. Dating in London is horrible. You don’t know who’s single, but now you’re putting me in a place where everyone’s single so there’s no issues around that.”

Nicole Samuel


Age: 23

Nicole is a 23 year old model and professional dancer from Wales who claims she has a “pretty big personality” that she’s going to bring to the villa.

She admitted: “My personality is big and I’m pretty out there, I reckon I’ll probably have one of the biggest personalities in the Villa. I’ve been enjoying single life and the attention of different boys, it’s fun. I’ve enjoyed being able to go on holiday with the girls and not having to worry about someone back home. All the girls are there texting in their room and I’m out till 4 in the morning living my best life.”

Ronnie Vint

Love Island 2024 cast


Age: 27

Love Island 2024 cast member Ronnie is a 27 year old footballer from South East London who is friends with previous contestant Tyrique. As for his relationship status, Ronnie explained: “I’ve had two serious relationships in the past but more recently have enjoyed being single and doing my own thing as I’ve been focussed on my football career. I’ve got to the age where I want to find the right person I can build a life with.”

Revealing what he’s looking for in a partner, Ronnie said: “I want someone that’s family orientated, caring and career minded. Lookwise, I like blondes with nice boobs but am partial to a brunette too.”

Patsy Field


Age: 29

Patsy is a 29 year old influencer from Lewisham who was born with Erb’s Palsy. Speaking about the condition, she said: “It doesn’t define who I am, but it makes me a little different, although I’ve learnt to get on with it and it’s never held me back.”

Explaining why signed up for Love Island, she explained: “I’m finally ready to find a sexy man and I think Love Island may just have some nice hunky guys for me. I think now is the right time as I’ve got a few greys so I need to bag a man sooner rather than later.”

As for the type of person she’ll be in the villa, Patsy revealed: “My friends would say that I’m the loudest person in the group, I’m the one who’s always up for doing a dare, they’d say I was the life and soul of the party. My family would say that I’m bossy and that it’s always my way or the highway, they’d say I rule the roost.”

Ciaran Davies


Age: 21

Ciaran is a 21 year old rugby player and surveyor from Pencoed in South Wales who thinks it’s the right time for him to settle down. He explained: “It’s the perfect time for me, I feel like I’m mature enough for something serious with the right girl.”

As to what he’s looking for in a partner, he added: “Obviously looks but humour is a big thing for me, I’m a bit of a wind-up so I want a girl who can give it back. Loyalty is another one for me, I think that’s the most important thing to look for in a relationship.”

Mimii Ngulube


Age: 24

Mimii is a 24 year old nurse from Portsmouth who admits she’s joining the cast of Love Island 2024 as “the pool in Portsmouth is not giving.” She revealed: “I’ve tried dating, speaking to people on social media and it just hasn’t been successful. Applying was a spontaneous thing, I didn’t expect to get here!”

Of her personality, she admits: “I’m a girls’ girl. My girls are my rocks and I’m theirs so I’ll be a good friend as well as going in there to find a man. I like dressing up so I’ll bring style, and I’d like to think I’m quite funny so I’ll make people laugh. Bringing honesty as well – I’m good at picking up on people’s personality traits and side-eyeing those who might be a liar.”

Sam Taylor


Age: 23

Sam is a 23-year-old hair stylist from Chesterfield and admits that he “wants to find a real connection with someone.” He revealed: “I’ve been looking for that connection for quite some time but I’ve never really found it, I’m hoping I find that spark in the villa. I’d like to think I’ve got lots of depth and substance which should hopefully help me out when trying to find a connection.”

He wants to make sure the other Islanders don’t judge him too quickly though: “How I look compared to what I do for work might not necessarily add up. You wouldn’t look at me as a tall guy covered in tattoos and think that I make girls’ hair look pretty for a living.”

Jess White

Love Island 2024 cast


Age: 25

Jess is a 25 year old retail manager from Stockport who is ready to settle down and is a sucker for a set of “Turkey teeth.” She wants to do Love Island because: “All my friends are in relationships, settled down with babies and I’m going to end up that aunt that rocks up at family parties and they say ‘she’s still not met someone, she’s still going to Ibiza having a midlife crisis.’ I just want to meet somebody and to be able to do all of that stuff too.”

Jess has also revealed why she’s single: “I know what I want and I’m not easily pleased. When you’re a loud, outgoing woman, sometimes it can intimidate men – men don’t always want that. I think that can sometimes put people off me because I am quite loud and you can hear me before you see me. Some men love that though.

As for what Jess will be looking for in the other Love Island 2024 cast members: “I love a set of white Turkey teeth but a good set of Turkey teeth. I would say personality traits, you have to be family orientated. I’m so close to my mum and I’d like my future partner to be really close with their family too. You have to be tall, you can’t be shorter than me, I can’t be having to question whether I can wear heels around you and what height of heels I can wear. If you’re vertically challenged, it’s not for me.”

Ayo Odukoya

Love Island 2024 cast


Age: 25

Ayo is a 25 year old model from Canning Town in London and is more of an introvert who likes to chill indoors, what a mood. As for why he decided to enter the villa: “You can’t go wrong trying to find that love again – that is something that would be amazing to find if possible. I don’t really like being outside too much, I’ve been outside recently and it’s not fun outside! I do prefer to be indoors chilling with that person I can do stuff with. It would be nice to have that with somebody again.

“I think people would have someone to come to and talk to and feel comfortable being around or to have a laugh with. I think I’m somebody everyone would take to.”

Harriett Blackmore


Age: 24

Harriett is a 24-year-old dancer and personal shopper from Brighton who confesses that she’s a “bit of an IT girl.” She revealed: “I’ll bring the entertainment for everyone in the villa, whether that’s making the girls laugh or making the boys turn their heads, I’m sure that I’ll bring the drama.”

Sean Stone


The final Love Island 2024 cast member to be announced is Sean Stone, a 24 year old salesman from Hertsford. He revealed: “When you have found someone you want to be with, it’s the best feeling. Now is the perfect time, the one thing that is missing is my soulmate.

Sean describes himself as: “5’11, tall, dark and handsome. Not quite 6 foot. Great smile, great teeth, great arms and abs – the full package. I’m the kind of guy that if you broke down on the motorway and needed your tyre changed, I’d be there at any time of night.”

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