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Iain Armitage reveals the heartbreaking reason Sheldon didn’t cry at George’s funeral

Someone pass me the tissues

The final episode of Young Sheldon was an absolutely devasting one that depicted the funeral of the beloved fan-favourite character George. The funeral allowed us to see how all of the Cooper family dealt with the loss, with Missy and Georgie both going up to their father’s open casket in order to say their goodbyes to him. Mary also went up to say goodbye but one member of the family was missing from saying a more personal goodbye to George.

And that someone was Sheldon, who appeared stony-faced throughout the funeral of his father, declining to go up to the casket to say goodbye and didn’t cry throughout. Sheldon explained in a voice-over afterwards that he dealt with his grief by burying it and pretending it wasn’t there whilst his other family members turned to religion and alcohol.


And now the actor for Young Sheldon has explained why he thinks Sheldon didn’t cry at the funeral, explaining that it’s almost impossible for Sheldon to even begin to process his grief to the point where he doesn’t even try. In an interview with TV Line, Iain explained: “The thing about Sheldon is it’s less of an external stone-faced I think you know for other characters maybe that stone facade is crumbling from the outside in, for Sheldon it’s from the inside out.

“One of the first takes we did I sat down in the chair the way they wanted me to and I kind of started to let my face fall and almost not quite cry but you know kind of start to get emotional. Steve said ‘don’t even do that it’s a thousand times more heartbreaking if we see that Sheldon can’t even begin to imagine processing or understanding that to the point where his mind won’t try it’s almost as if he’s heard them talking about the weather’ and I really liked that interpretation.”

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