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Lauren reveals she blocked her MAFS co-stars after they tried to find dirt on her to sell

Her co-stars were involved in a group chat started by her ex

Since leaving the show and regaining back control of their Instagram accounts the cast of MAFS Australia 2024 has been spilling the tea, and Lauren has made an extra hot brew just for us. Every single year there are always post-show cast feuds and eventually, it leads to cast members blocking their co-stars for one reason or another.

Usually, the reason is undisclosed but Lauren being the gem she is has only gone and given us some majorly juicy gossip about the awful behaviour her MAFS Australia 2024 co-stars displayed towards her that got them blocked. She took to Instagram for a Q&A where she discussed her relationships with the rest of the cast since the show finished as well as who she’s blocked and why.


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She claimed that “certain people” were trying to “bring her down” before elaborating some more. Lauren revealed: “I actually blocked the majority of the cast after I found out they were all in a group chat message started by my ex, where certain people were talking about trying to find dirt on me, trying to find photos of me with another guy to send into the media to essentially bring me down.

“Honestly, once I found out that everyone was in this group message, conspiring to bring me down, it was quite hurtful. A lot of those people in that message would still message me every day, telling me how much they love me and love watching me on the show. They’d say they’re so proud of me and that I’m doing so well.

“Once I realised there was quite a bit of hate and maybe a little bit of jealousy going around, I was really hurt. I was warned that this happens every year, but it still hit hard to see it happening to me. The block list is pretty extensive, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not to be mean to them. I just honestly don’t have time for any of the post-show drama. I haven’t been getting involved in it whatsoever. The most involvement I’ve had is just answering these questions now. I just don’t care anymore.” Yikes, if I was in her position I would have done the exact same thing.


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Lauren then revealed that whilst she keeps in contact with Sara, Tristan, Timothy, Jade and Ridge that everyone else has been blocked or she’s stopped being friends with. This includes Eden, Jayden, Jono, Ellie, Richard, Tim, Jack, Andrea, Cassandra and Ben amongst others. Let’s hope she does another Q&A soon and spills some more much-needed drama.

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