Young Sheldon Caltech spinoff

Young Sheldon producer confirms Caltech spinoff show would be ‘too weird’ to ever happen

‘I would not have been comfortable digging in on Sheldon at Caltech’

The final scenes of Young Sheldon saw us saying goodbye to him as he started his journey at Caltech, and let’s be honest it would make for a very entertaining spinoff show in its own right. We could see Sheldon make occasional visits back home and see how being in a new environment affects him away from his family and friends.

Sadly, the producer of Young Sheldon Steve Molaro has ruled out a spinoff series centred around Caltech from ever happening as it would be “too weird.” In an interview with Glamour, he explained: “And a show called Young Sheldon, where he’s in California now and everyone picking up the pieces of the loss of George, it wasn’t something we felt like we could just jump in or overflowing with ideas we were excited about.

“I would not have been comfortable digging in on Sheldon at Caltech. Now it’s really trying to be a weird pre-Big Bang. That doesn’t get me excited. Like, there’s the cafeteria set, but he hasn’t met Leonard yet. I don’t know. Weird.”


As for why they decided to end the series where they did in the first place, despite its huge ongoing success, showrunner Steve Holland revealed: “It felt like (a) good to go out on top. And (b) as we talked about it, sort of post-strike going into that last season, whether was there a future?

“We knew that George Sr. had to die, we knew that Sheldon had to go off to Caltech, and it just started to feel like you didn’t want to do the asterisk season. You didn’t want to do the Happy Days without Richie season. Those characters are all great, but to be back in that house where there’s no George and no Sheldon. This is going to be as good as it has been. It felt like we would’ve been doing it because we liked this world and this cast. We would’ve been doing it for selfish reasons, and not for what was the best thing for the show.”

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