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Big Bang Theory secretly revealed what happened to Meemaw and Dale after Young Sheldon

Absolutely rooting for these two

The Young Sheldon finale certainly solidified the fate of George, but for the rest of the Cooper family, their fates are left less certain including that of Meemaw and Dale. At the end of the final episode, we see each of the family members struggling to deal with the sudden loss of George with his wife Mary turning to religion, Sheldon ignoring the whole thing and Meemaw turning to alcohol.

Throughout the series, fans have been kept up to date with Meemaw’s love life after PopPop passed away before the show started. From John Sturgis to Dr Linkletter, Meemaw has been in her fair share of relationships throughout Young Sheldon but found her true happiness with Dale. Dale and Meemaw met in season three, and the rest is history between the pair. And whilst the two are still together in the finale we’re left wondering what happens to them after Young Sheldon ends. Well, luckily for us there is a major clue left in The Big Bang Theory which reveals what the pair get up to next.


When Meemaw goes to visit Sheldon in Big Bang Theory she tells Amy that she knew “how to live with a stubborn, egotistical man… cause that was my husband.” Fans are convinced this means that Dale and Meemaw married each other after the events of Young Sheldon, and I’m really hoping it does.

Whilst the quote could indicate Meemaw is talking about her first husband PopPop it seems more likely she would have included him by name as he is also someone talked about in Big Bang Theory. Either way, I’m rooting for Dale and Meemaw all the way!

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