Lord Marcus & Violet have major chemistry but does she ever remarry in the Bridgerton books?

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If there’s one character in Bridgerton who needs her garden tending it’s Violet, that woman is like the Georgian equivalent of Kris Jenner with all the work she puts in. And in season three we finally get introduced to a potential love match for her, in the form of Lord Marcus Anderson who is Lady Danbury’s brother. The two have instant chemistry together and they quickly bond over their shared interests alongside the fact they’ve both experienced losing their partner.

The Bridgerton showrunner has already made some major changes to the plot of season three that differ from the book, so does Violet ever remarry or find love again in the original novels? Well, firstly the character of Lord Marcus doesn’t even exist in the original books so if she does find love then sadly it’s not with him. However, fans are eager to see Violet have a happy ending alongside her children so who is to say whether we’ll see their relationship progress in part two.

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Sadly in the books, Violet never gets remarried or finds love with anyone else, and it’s suggested she never emotionally moves on from her former husband Edmund. Violet gets her own tale called Violet in Bloom that’s featured in The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After where we see her fall in love with Edmund and slowly deal with the sudden loss of him from her life.

In the book she dances with another man but confesses to Daphne she doesn’t know who he is and that no man could ever replace her father. She feels content by herself surrounded by family, and honestly as long as Violet is happy then I’m happy for her!