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Olivia claims she was ‘set up’ as Domenica’s OnlyFans pics were always publicly available

Yes, two years later this drama is still ongoing

Cast your mind back to MAFS Australia 2022 and you might remember a certain OnlyFans scandal that created one of the biggest feuds in the series history between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco. During the dramatic season, Olivia and Domenica came head to head after Olivia shared a nude image of Domenica with the rest of the cast. The image was from Domenica’s OnlyFans page and was shared without her consent, with Olivia being accused of being the one to obtain the pictures.

The situation got so intense that NSW Police investigated the event, commenting in a statement: “On Saturday, March 19, 2022, a complaint was made to officers at Inner West Police Area Command about the alleged distribution of an image without consent that occurred in late 2021. Inquiries are continuing and no further information is available at this stage.”

Olivia later said on the show: “It was just such a nothing moment – I didn’t think it was a big deal. When I say honestly there was no malice, it was just information that was dropped in my lap and thoughtlessly shared because I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

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However, Olivia has now revealed in an interview with So Dramatic! that she was completely “set up” as the OnlyFans pictures were always publicly available to begin with.

She admitted: “The photos were screenshots from Domenica’s Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. There were five photos in total, all from her public social media platforms. Nobody tried to access Domenica’s OnlyFans. These photos were out there publicly for the sole purpose of advertising.

“Domenica has come out and said a couple of times that her OnlyFans wasn’t active at the time of filming. At the Commitment Ceremony after [the nude photo scandal], Domenica said the photos were from Reddit or something like that. She knew which photos they were. But then, Domenica kept saying: ‘I don’t even know what photos they were’ in interviews afterwards.

“If somebody brought up one of my OnlyFans things that’d been leaked, I’d really embarrassed. I was just so shocked that it was being turned into something so opposite to my character. And so opposite of anything that I’d ever do to another woman, no matter how much I didn’t like her.” Yikes, two years later and they’re still at!

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