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This Bridgerton theory predicts an absolutely tragic and grisly ending for Lord Debling

This is actually heartbreaking

Let’s be honest, I think the Bridgerton showrunners actually made Lord Debling a little too eligible, this man genuinely seems perfect on paper. He has various interests including plants and books, alongside being an avid researcher and adventurer.

Early on in the season, Penelope reads a book on the Northwest Passage which Lord Debling intends to make a journey to. Colin, ever keen to throw a spanner in the works points out that his research would mean he’d be away for a while to which she replies: “I know that already, Colin! It takes a year alone to get where he is going.”

The Tragic Implications of Debling’s Interest in the Northwest Passage
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But there’s a slightly darker meaning to his trip to the Northwest Passage as one Redditor pointed out, and it’s bad news for Lord Debling. The Northwest Passage wasn’t able to be fully navigated by sea until the 1900s and its treacherous waters meant the public developed an almost morbid fascination with it as it was shrouded in mystery. Some scholars weren’t even sure if the Passage even existed as the ice was “so impenetrable” and Lord Debling’s trip would have almost certainly ended very tragically.

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The Redditor explains that the journey itself was extremely dangerous and many who set off to discover the unknown never returned. Mental dangers and arguments between crewmates frequently broke out with one expedition reporting “potentially murderous quarrels between officers.”

It would have taken Lord Debling over one year to reach the Arctic and the fact he’s a vegetarian meant there would be practically nothing for him to eat on the journey there. He might have starved to death before he even got to his destination.

However, all is not lost as Lord Debling’s actor has hinted there’s a possibility his character could make a return in future seasons, so perhaps when we next see him he’ll be sporting a long bushy Arctic beard!

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