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Apparently Harriett was still dating her boyfriend days before flying out for Love Island?!

He had no idea she was going to appear on the show

The new series of Love Island 2024 certainly started off with a bang, and there are already accusations floating around that cast member Harriett was still seeing her boyfriend just days before jetting off to Majorca. Harriett already caused quite a stir in the villa when she revealed to her fellow Love Island 2024 castmates that she’d only broken up with her boyfriend in January, but now it looks like they might not have ever split in the first place!

According to sources she spent the night with him just days before flying out to the villa and didn’t tell him she was appearing on the reality show. However, Harriett has firmly denied these claims saying their breakup happened quite “out of the blue” and whilst the two are still friends and remain in contact she is very much single.

Sources told The Sun that Harriett spent Friday night at Josh’s house where she told him she loved him and gave him a romantic scrapbook of their memories together before dumping him later that evening over text. Absolutely brutal if true.

According to her friends, Harriett wanted to tell her boyfriend she was going to appear on Love Island 2024 but never did, with one revealing: “Josh had suspicions she was going on the show. She was going up to London and saying she was being interviewed for Pretty Little Thing. He asked if she was going on but at the time she said she would never go on Love Island. Josh feels like he’s been led down a garden path.

“He was in love and during their relationship they were talking about moving out and getting married. They had a good relationship but it fizzled out in January when they started arguing all the time. But they seemed to have been working on getting back to where they were.”

However, Harriett has strongly denied any claims the two were still in a relationship prior to her arrival in the villa, insisting: “The break-up was quite out of the blue – we both had questions and we both wanted closure in that sort of sense. A lot of our lives were with each other…so we remained in contact but I definitely don’t have a boyfriend.

He moved on with someone else, just to clear it up, we broke up in January. There was no big event that happened – he went away with his friends skiing and he came back and broke up with me. But at the time, he was travelling away for work a lot, so I wasn’t really seeing him. There wasn’t anything major that happened, it was just out of the blue.”

Harriett is currently coupled up with 21 year old Ciaran after the first challenge determined their pairings, but with the unexpected arrival of Joey Essex into the villa perhaps her head will be turned during tonight’s episode.

The Tab has reached out to Harriett Blackmore for comment. 

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