Bridgerton Lord Marcus

Erm, so Lord Marcus Anderson could actually be Violet’s half brother in Bridgerton?!

But why am I convinced?

As season three of Bridgerton progresses we’ve been getting more wild theories and this one about Violet’s love interest Lord Marcus Anderson secretly being her half-brother is the most out there so far. Worst of all, it’s actually quite convincing. Lord Marcus Anderson is a new character who has been invented for the Netflix series and he is the much younger brother of Lady Danbury, or so they claim.

When he and Violet first meet for the first time there are some instant sparks between the two of them, and whilst she never finds love in the original Bridgerton books it seems the showrunners could have adapted the plot for her this season. But there’s also a pretty convincing fan theory that suggests Violet and Lord Marcus are actually half siblings, and Lady Danbury is his mother?! Before you break out the pitchforks, let’s break down exactly where this theory has come from.

Via Netflix

If you remember the events of Queen Charlotte we learned that Lady Danbury and Violet’s father had a brief affair with each other, and whilst we don’t know the full extent of how far their relationship went physically with each other, some fans are convinced that Lord Marcus is actually the secret child of Lady Danbury and Violet’s father.

This would mean Violet and Lord Marcus are actually half siblings, completely changing the dynamic of their relationship. A plot point where they find out they’re actually related would be quite a mad thing to happen in part two of the show, and I would hope Lady Danbury wouldn’t encourage a romance between them if she knew they were related but this is Bridgerton after all!

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