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It’s the question we’re all wondering, do Harriet and Nick end up together in Geek Girl?

I simply need to know

Geek Girl has me in an absolute chokehold at the moment, and I am out here fully kicking my feet every time Nick and Harriet are together in a scene. Their chemistry is so adorable and I can’t remember the last time I was rooting for a TV couple to get together this badly. However, there is a small hitch, Nick is already in a relationship with Harriet’s model nemesis Poppy, who is your classic mean girl.

Throughout the 10 episodes on Netflix, we see Nick and Harriet’s friendship develop more and by the end of the show, we’re all on tenterhooks to see whether they’re actually going to end up together or not. Well, I’m here to put you out of your misery and break down whether Nick and Harriet end up together by the end of Geek Girl.

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The two first meet after Harriet is drawn to Nick’s classic good looks whilst he thinks her personality is a breath of fresh air compared to all the other models at London Fashion Week. The two end up spending more time together with Nick helping Harriet to understand the intricacies of the modelling world, and she even introduces him to her dad in one very wholesome scene.

As for the issue of Nick already being in a relationship with Poppy, you needn’t worry as it turns out it’s completely fake and purely for social media purposes so Nick decides he wants out. During the final episode of the show Harriet learns she will be walking in a show by famous designer Yuji Lee, who let Harriet walk on the runway because Nick convinced the designer to give her a chance. What a man!

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However, Harriet’s inclusion in the show means that Poppy, Nick’s ex, is kicked out of the lineup which results in her sticking a piece of paper on the back of Harriet’s dress that reads “Geek.” Harriet is completely oblivious and starts to walk down the catwalk, only for Nick to come to her rescue and take the piece of paper off her back. In an act that screams chivalry, the two share their first kiss together in front of everyone and it’s all very adorable.

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When we next see the duo they’re walking hand in hand together through London and are very much a couple and together. Since they’ve only started dating hopefully we’ll see more of their relationship in season two!

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