Sidemen's Inside reality show

Okay, so what exactly is the Sidemen’s new reality show Inside and who’s appearing in it?

10 influencers will battle it out to win a prize worth £1 million

If you’ve been anywhere near TikTok lately you’ve almost certainly come across clips from the Sidemen’s new YouTube reality show, Inside, but what exactly is it? So far from what I’ve seen on my FYP, it seems to be Chloe Burrows and Olivia Bentley screaming at random people and the more clips I watched the more clueless I feel about what on earth is going on.

10 influencers are taking part in the reality show and I won’t lie it’s a really good selection of contestants, with major Love Island, Made in Chelsea and TikTok royalty all taking part. So, from where you can watch it to how they actually win the prize money let’s find out everything about the Sidemen’s new reality show Inside.

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The contestants are locked away in a house for one week and at the start of the show, the prize money pot is set at £1 million, with the idea that it will decrease depending on everyone’s decisions. Cast members can decide to spend money on simple things such as hot water which costs £100 per minute, with one bottle of soda being priced at an eye watering £500.

The 10 influencers compete against each other in daily tasks, and again if they fail the task the money gets depleted from the pot and they get eliminated. Eventually, the show will only have two contestants left who will compete against each other in the hardest challenge overall to try and win the prize money.

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One of the members of the Sidemen, Vikram explained: “We were thinking, ‘OK, this year, what is our new project?’. Why not have a stab at our own spin on a reality TV show? I think we’ve found a really nice medium between something that looks really professionally produced, as if you’d see it on a big TV channel, but at the same time, it’s got us in it and our spin and the kind of chaos that only I think we could curate. Depending on how that week goes, how much they indulge themselves, we will see how much money the winner or winners will take at the end of the show.”

So now we know the basic rules of the show, let’s meet the 10 influencers who will be battling it out against each other.



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If Manrika looks familiar you might have watched her on The Circle and whilst she previously worked in recruitment she is now a full time influencer.

Olivia Bentley


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Olivia Bentley is such a UK icon and I’m so happy they’ve got her on the show. After leaving Made in Chelsea I was worried we might not get to see her on our screens for a while again, but we’re in luck!

Leah Halton


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Leah Halton recently went viral on TikTok for having one of the most watched videos ever with over 700 million views. She started posting YouTube videos in 2019 and has quickly become a social media superstar. Her makeup is also absolutely stunning, drop the routine sis.

Chloe Burrows


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We al know Chloe Burrows from Love Island and I’m really hoping she’ll cause more carnage during Inside.



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Fanum is a streamer who is most well known for being the originator of the infamous “fanum tax” meme that I still don’t really understand. I’ve never felt more old.



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Specs is the oldest contestant at 43 years old and posts online content alongside his wife and daughter.



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Castillo is a UK rapper who has released songs such as Honest and Sniper.



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Nife is a TikTok dancer with over two million followers on TikTok and almost one million on Instagram

Angry Ginge


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Angry Ginge is a 22 year old content creator who focuses on comedy skits, gaming and football related videos and have over 1.4 million followers on TikTok.

Joe Weller


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Joe Weller is quite an OG YouTuber and became more well-known when he lost a boxing match to KSI in 2018 and is now a more general content creator.

The Sidemen’s Inside reality show is available to watch on YouTube now.

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