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Comparing the wild character transformations between Queen Charlotte and Bridgerton

Queen Charlotte’s casting was absolutely spot on

The Queen Charlotte spin-off series allowed us to see the lives of our favourite Bridgerton characters when they were younger, and it was so much better than I ever expected. The show has some incredible character development and very romantic monologues as well as iconic character transformations.

Shonda Rhimes never misses when it comes to casting choices and so many of the younger versions of the Bridgerton characters look so alike it’s almost uncanny. So, let’s have a look at the wild character transformations between the Queen Charlotte mini-series and Bridgerton.

Queen Charlotte

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The Queen Charlotte spin-off series was honestly one of the best things Netflix has ever put out, and I loved ever second of it. India Amarteifio played a younger version of Queen Charlotte in the show, whilst Golda Rosheuvel plays the older version of her in Bridgerton, and the casting was so on point.

In the spin-off we see Charlotte get to see Charlotte get to grips with royal life and the condition of her husband King George, whom she went on to have 15 children with. By the time we see her in Bridgerton she’s practically ruling by herself and like us all, loves a bit of Whistledown gossip.

King George

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King George or Farmer George as he’s better known in Queen Charlotte is a character we don’t get to see a lot of in Bridgerton due to his medical condition, so it was great getting a glimpse of what he was like when he was younger.

The love story between him and Charlotte will forever have me giggling and kicking my feet, and the “heaven and earth” monologue stays in my mind rent free. Whilst actors Corey Mylchreest and James Fleet don’t look super similar they were going for the handsome male lead look and once again Shonda nailed it.

Lady Danbury

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Yet another flawless casting choice from Shonda, I’m constantly gobsmacked by how similar the young and older versions of Lady Danbury look. Lady Danbury is another Bridgerton icon and seeing her rise in influence and developing friendships with both Violet and Queen Charlotte was so interesting to watch,


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Violet is one of my favourite characters in Bridgerton and I will protect her with my life. Young Violet got her mannerisms and expressions from Bridgerton spot on and seeing how independent and inquisitive she was from an early age was extremely wholesome. She even dresses in the same colours she wears in Bridgerton now!


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Never would I think I’d end up so invested in the life of Queen Charlotte’s butler Brimsley but here we are. His storyline had me absolutely weeping and the scene of him dancing alone outside emotionally ruined me.

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