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Omg, did we get a glimpse of Benedict’s future wife Sophie in the new Bridgerton trailer?!

I’m obsessed already

Whilst I’m still rooting for Benedict to get a queer storyline in Bridgerton, if the series follows the original plot of the books then he could be the focus point of the next season when he meets his future wife, Sophie. Sophie and Benedict’s romance is one of the most emotional and controversial in the series, with issues of class, status and hidden identities – what more could you ask for?

And whilst we’ve seen no direct reference to Sophie yet, one small detail in both the trailer and in part one of the new season seems to suggest that we could meeting Sophie very soon, and could have even seen the back of her head! I’m really hoping they introduce her at the end of part two to set up their storyline for the next season.

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During the trailer for Bridgerton part two, we can see Benedict looking flustered at a woman, although all we see is the back of her head. Despite this small look, fans are convinced this is Sophie and perhaps the scene in question could be the masked ball during which Benedict and her meet for the first time.

In the books the two meet at a masked ball where they dance the night away together, even sharing a kiss. But in order to avoid getting caught Sophie has to leave the ball at midnight. This detail is also picked up on in the trailer as we see a clock strike 12 during a ballroom scene, perhaps the same one.

Via Netflix

In the books Sophie is brought up by her stepmother Araminta who treats her very cruelly, forcing her to work as a servant in their household. And it looks like the showrunners might be linking Sophie to the Cowper family in a change from the books. While we never find out the name of Cressida Cowper’s mother during Bridgerton the wigmaker of the show confirmed that her name is Araminta in an Instagram post. Could this mean that Cressida Cowper’s mother is also Sophie’s stepmother? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon!

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