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Omg, we found out how much Joey Essex is being paid for Love Island and it’s shockingly low

So much less than I would have expected

I’m honestly still in shock that Joey Essex is currently in the Love Island villa, and whilst he might secretly be the world’s biggest fan of the show something tells me the monetary aspect might have tempted him to make an appearance as well. During All Stars last year, the Islanders were reportedly paid £2,000 per week for their time, and for someone as high profile as Joey Essex, I would have thought he’d be paid a similar amount if not more.

Whilst the main money comes from the £50,000 price the contestants can win, they also get paid weekly to cover the costs of rent and bills whilst they’re away from home and their jobs. But apparently Joey Essex hasn’t been paid any extra by ITV bosses to appear on the show, and instead will be paid £375 per week just like every other cast member.


A TV source told MailOnline: ‘Joey is being treated like any other Love Island contestant, he’s playing by the same rules and won’t be given any preferential treatment. He hasn’t been paid an appearance fee or any money at all for signing up for the show, not a penny. On Love Island, it is all about the exposure and for Joey, it means more than that too, he’s looking for someone to settle down with, so it’s not about the money he can make on the other side.”

Given that he reportedly has a current net worth of over £8 million from appearing in almost every single reality TV show to exist, something tells me he’ll be able to get by on a slightly reduced paycheck to hat he might be used to.

Joey is currently in hot water with fans after deciding he wanted to couple up with Samantha, despite spending time with Harriett in the hideaway during last night’s episode. As a result of him picking Samantha, it meant her partner Sam Taylor was promptly dumped from the villa, less than 48 hours after arriving. We will miss you mullet man!

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