Young Sheldon funeral

George’s actor originally planned to ‘ruin every take’ during Young Sheldon funeral scene

He brought a fart machine and fake moustache to disrupt filming

George’s funeral scene in Young Sheldon was certainly one of the most emotional episodes in the whole series, but it turns out that Lance Barber, who played George, had originally planned a different tone for the scene. Unbeknownst to the rest of the cast and crew he had snuck in multiple prank props in order to try and derail the funeral scene and ‘ruin as many takes’ as possible.

However, after watching his Young Sheldon co-stars visit his fake corpse in the casket during the funeral scene he realised what an emotional experience it was, and ended up calling off the pranks. As for what he had armed himself with to wreak havoc, they were none other than a fart machine and a moustache. Classic.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he revealed his original plan: “I’m going to ruin so many takes. … I’ve got a fart machine and a fake moustache. These actors walked up in succession to talk to George and had their moments with him. I didn’t do any of my funny bets, I lay there and had tears in my ears the entire time. It hit me pretty hard in a way I didn’t anticipate.” I just want to know exactly what he’d had planned for that fart machine, to be honest.

But that doesn’t mean that Lance didn’t have a bit of fun during the scene, as he actually dressed up in disguise as an old woman for the funeral. He appeared as an elderly lady named Georgina and you can spot him right at the back of the congregation if you look carefully.

And it turns out the creator of Young Sheldon, Chuck Lorre, actually regrets having to kill off George because of what was written in Big Bang Theory. He shared on his Instagram story: “Eighteen years ago, when we were writing and producing The Big Bang Theory, it seemed like a good idea to imagine that Sheldon’s childhood was deeply disrupted by the loss of his father. No one could have thought that someday, we would regret that decision. That someday is now.

“There were a lot of tears on stage when this episode’s last scene was shot. A reminder that we had all fallen in love with a fictional character. Which is, itself, a reminder to love the characters in our life who are real. To do otherwise, is to live with regret.” Still, if they hadn’t killed George we would never have got to meet Georgina!

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