Cressida Cowper Bridgerton

Here’s what tragically ends up happening next to Cressida in the Bridgerton books

It’s not a happy ending for her

Cressida Cowper has also been a pretty controversial character in Bridgerton, but it seemed like with her newfound friendship with Eloise we could finally be getting a redemption arc for her. By the end of season three of Bridgerton, Cressida was discovered for trying to expose and blackmail Penelope and ultimately was shipped off to be with her aunt in Wales. According to IMDB, it looks like Cressida’s actress will be back for season four, so we might be seeing some more of her character in the future.

But her ending is quite different to what happens in the books where she’s sort of more successful in love. Her ending in the book is fairly tragic, although given how vile she is in the books it’s probably what she deserved. Let’s find out what happens to her character in the Bridgerton books.

Cressida Cowper Bridgerton

In book four of the Bridgerton series, Romancing Mr Bridgerton, Cressida is called Lady Twombley, which implies she has got married. During one point in the book, Penelope tells Lady Danbury: “She’s always behaved quite badly toward me, it’s not so bad now, but back when we were both out – when she was still Cressida Cowper – she never could resist the chance to torment me.”

Later on in the book we learn that her husband Lord Twombley has passed away which means by the time Penelope and Colin get married she is already a widow. But this isn’t the last time we encounter Cressida as she also appears again as Lady Twombley in Julia Quinn’s 2010 book Ten Things I Love About You, as a background character. We learn she’s very unhappy in her life and feels very lonely as a widow, but has remained in society with the rest of The Ton rather than going to Wales like in the series.

Overall it looks like her fate in the Netflix series might be slightly more optimistic for her future rather than the one the books had in store for her.

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