Bridgerton deleted sex scenes

All the raunchy sex scenes that were deleted from Bridgerton season three

We’ve been robbed

Whilst we were treated to some very raunchy sex scenes during season three of Bridgerton, it seems like there were some that didn’t make the cut and got deleted from the final edit. Some of them are just rumours such as those that apparently took place between Penelope and Colin, whilst others have been confirmed as never making it to the screen.

From an intimate long montage of Penelope and Colin, to a fiery scene between Will and Alice, here are all the deleted sex scenes from Bridgerton season three.

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Martins Imhangbe, who plays Will Mondrich on Bridgerton spoke to Digital Spy about the spicy sex scene that got deleted between him and Alice. He revealed: “There was a whole scene written where Will and Alice do it everywhere. Then the kids interrupt. There was all this stuff that happened.”

“There’s something about coming to the house then – now that we’ve put aside all the rules, we kind of enjoy the house, you know? Will and Alice have been together for years, like 12 plus years, and there is a myth that married couples don’t still have fiery sex like the new couples do. So I think there’s something in showing that you can still have that passion, that fire 12 years on, 15, 20 years on.”

As for why their scene was never shown, Martins thinks it might be being “saved for another season.” He admitted: “I think that there’s something in the show that might be coming down the line, but it would be good to see a married couple hold that passionate space too.”

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As for Penelope and Colin, according to a petition that now has over 65,000 signatures there were multiple sex scenes between them that got cut. The sex scenes that were deleted from Bridgerton contained the following moments: Colin going home with Penelope after he finds her at the modiste, which leads to an angry kissing scene.

The second cut scene involved Colin whispering sweet nothings to Penelope in front of the mirror, kissing her neck and being playful towards her. The final cut moment was a long intimate montage in episode eight which included a scene where Colin goes down on Penelope. Let us see them!

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