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How Penelope and Colin first meet in the Bridgerton books that’s not shown in the series

Penelope was smitten from the moment she first saw Colin

In the Bridgerton series we’ve seen Penelope has always had a bit of a  soft spot for Colin since all the business with Marina in season one. Whilst we never see how the two meet, we can assume since they live next door from each other that Penelope and Colin became friends growing up together.

However, in the Bridgerton book series we get a more in depth look at how the pair first met and it’s genuinely so wholesome. Obviously Penelope fell in love with Colin straight away and their first meeting involves him falling off from his horse.  Let’s find out what happens!

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Despite living next door to each other, Penelope and Colin actually first meet each other in the park. Penelope is walking with Lady Featherington and Violet but sneaks away from them to look at two dashing horse riders, who are approaching her direction.

As the riders start coming closer to her, Penelope decided to hide behind a tree trunk and awkwardly watches as her bonnet comes off and makes one of the men fall off into a muddy puddle. Penelope feels suitably embarrassed and goes to apologise to the man who, surprise surprise, is Colin. But before she can he interrupts her and laughs: “Well, that wasn’t very well done of me, was it?”

Penelope internally notes she has already fallen in love with Colin, but before the two get the chance to talk further their mothers interrupt them and they’re sadly separated. Still, at least we know it all turns out well for them in the end and talk about a classic meet cute!

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