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Jim Parsons is ‘annoyed’ his Big Bang Theory co-stars turned down cameos in Young Sheldon

He and Mayim felt like their co-stars were dissing Big Bang Theory by refusing

During the finale of Young Sheldon you might have recognised some familiar faces, with both Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprising their roles as an older version of Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory.

And despite Penny, Leonard and Raj all being mentioned, their Big Bang  Theory co-stars surprisingly didn’t make a cameo during the final episode of Young Sheldon, something Jim Parsons is reportedly “annoyed” about.

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According to Closer, Miriam and Jim feel like their co-stars turning down an offer to appear on Young Sheldon felt like a dig at the show universe which made them famous in the first place.

The source revealed: “It’s crazy how things have reversed in the six years since Big Bang Theory went off the air. Jim has become a key architect of the interconnected universe via his executive producing and narration role on Young Sheldon, which made him tens of millions of dollars beyond the vast fortune he built on the original show, where he made more than $25 million per year in the final seasons.

“During the same time period, Mayim had the profound epiphany that being a dedicated TV comedy actress, not a part-time game show host, was her destiny. And she, of course, sees a similar future to what Jim has enjoyed during the last few years as Warner Bros. seeks to make more shows set in this continuity. But today, in 2024, Kaley and Johnny aren’t involved whatsoever.”

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Apparently both Jim and Mayim are “annoyed” by their Big Bang Theory co-stars behaviour. The source added: “Knowing Jim and Mayim, it has to be annoying to them that they appear publicly to be squeezing every dollar out of this franchise while Johnny and Kaley follow their respective muses, but it’s not that simple.” It’s all sounding pretty beefy!

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