Young Sheldon cast paid episode

The absolutely whopping amount the Young Sheldon cast got paid per episode

Most of them were making six figures!

There’s no doubt the cast of Young Sheldon are insanely talented, but clearly the producers of the show thought they were good enough to be paid five to six figures per episode!

Whilst the earnings of the child stars such as Iain Armitage has to be capped because of regulations, for actors like Lance Barber who plays George it seems the sky was the limit. Let’s find out  how much every cast member got paid per episode and who made the most money overall. After all, their insanely high net worths have had to have come from somewhere!

Iain Armitage – $50,000 minimum per episode


Despite being one of the youngest cast members on the show, Iain Amitage made an absolute fortune whilst he was on the show. In the first season he made $30,000 per episode, which increased to $32,500 by the time season three rolled around.

In season four and five he earned $50,000 per episode and presumably this would have risen again for seasons  five and six,  meaning he could have ended the show making upwards of $60,000 per episode. Not bad at all for a 15 year old.

Lance Barber – $300,000 per episode


Lance Barber is the highest paid member of the cast, reportedly earning an insane $300,000 per episode of Young Sheldon. In earlier seasons he started on a still very impressive $125,000 per episode before doubling. And by appearing in his casket and secretly in the congregation at his own funeral, it looks like Lance made sure he got the final episode paycheck too!

Zoe Perry – $150,000 per episode


Zoe Perry plays the loveable Mary on Young Sheldon, and she earned a pretty penny whilst doing so. Zoe didn’t earn quite as much as her on screen husband Lance, but she still made a hefty $150,000 per episode.

Raegan Revord – $30,000 per episode


Raegen was just nine years old when she first took on the role of Sheldon’s sister Missy in Young Sheldon. Despite being just 16 she still earned a whopping $30,000 per episode for her time on the show.

Montana Jordan – Minimum $10,000 per episode


Despite being older than his siblings, Montana Jordan who played Georgie on the show earned significantly less per episode than them. Still, with over 20 episodes in each season he would have still ended up making more than $200,000 per season.

Annie Potts – $125,000 per episode


Considering Annie Potts is a Hollywood icon and has years of  experience in the industry it’s no surprise she was paid $125,000 per episode, the show wouldn’t have been the same without her!

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