Inside Out 2 meme easter egg

It turns out Inside Out 2 had an iconic meme reference completely hidden in one scene

I can’t believe I didn’t spot this!

There’s nothing better than spotting an easter egg in a film, and Inside Out 2 has included one of the most iconic meme references I’ve seen so far.

There’s something about spotting a secret easter egg that makes you feel like you’re in some kind of an exclusive club, and it’s always fun to see what the animators have hidden away. The film was recently released in cinemas and is absolutely dominating the box office, letting us see how Riley copes with puberty as well as introducing the new emotion, Anxiety.

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The first Inside Out film contained loads of hidden references, including one about Ellie and Carl’s wedding from UP, a Toy Story memory and the iconic Pixar Luxo ball, which appears in almost every film they make. But let’s look at what the hidden meme reference is in the second film, and which scene you can spot it in!

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During one moment in the film, that’s all included in the trailer, we get a glimpse of Anxiety on a large screen in a room. During the scene, Anxiety is trying out new methods for making people anxious, with some of her ideas featured on smaller screens around the room. The screens include images of Riley embarrassing herself whilst playing hockey, but if you look closely at the bottom left hand corner there’s a familiar meme the film recreated.

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The image on the screen in Inside Out 2 recreates the iconic distracted boyfriend meme, with what looks like Riley having her imaginary boyfriend distracted by a mystery woman. And it looks like the boyfriend on the screen is actually the one we met during the first Inside Out film. The character was part of the cloned imaginary boyfriends who helped Joy, and he even seems to be wearing the same outfit and hairstyle.

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