Julia Quinn Bridgerton book

Julia Quinn’s final Bridgerton book addresses every unanswered question about the family

It’s set 20 years in the future

The Bridgerton books by Julia Quinn do a great job of focusing on each member of the family in their relevant novels, but there are some still unanswered questions from each book. The final book, called The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After is set 20 years in the future after the events of the main series, and aims to finish off all their storylines.

To get some perspective on their ages in this book, Daphne is 41 and Hyacinth’s daughter is already 19, where did all the time go!? So, what juicy extra information do we learn about the Bridgerton family in this final book from Julia Quinn? From whether Simon ever decides to read the letters his father sent him, to revealing if Francesca finally manages to get pregnant, let’s find out!


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When we first meet Daphne she is just 21, so it’s a slight shock to see her aged 41 with three daughters already out in society. And if that wasn’t surprising enough, it turns out she’s actually pregnant again! She keeps her pregnancy a secret from Simon but he quickly discovers the truth after she throws up in front of him. The two decide to keep the baby.


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Simon is visited by Penelope and Colin, who seek his advice after their youngest son George is still not talking. Inspired by their conversation, Simon gets out his untouched father’s letters and decides to finally read them. He realises they only contain information about estates and account matters, with no mention of an apology or anything personal. He decides they’re not worth keeping and ends up burning them all in the fire.


Julia Quinn Bridgerton book

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Benedict ends up playing matchmaker to his wife’s stepsister Posy to great success. He introduces her to Hugh Woodson and the two soon get married and end up having four children together. Posy tells Sophie she’s calling one of her children Araminta, not to honour their abusive mother but instead to give the name a more positive association.


Julia Quinn Bridgerton book

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Francesca always longed to have children, and three years after getting married to Michael Stirling she remains childless. Soon after confiding in Violet about how deeply she wishes to have children she realises she is pregnant, but keeps it a secret from the family in case anything happens. One year later Francesca surprised Violet with her son John, named after her first husband. Nine months later she gives birth to a daughter, Janet.

Overall it seems like every member of the family gets a happy ending, and it’s a very wholesome conclusion to all of their stories.

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