Here’s exactly when and how Ser Criston Cole finally dies in the House of the Dragon books

This is a Ser Criston Cole hate club now

There’s no doubt that Ser Criston Cole has to be one of the most hated characters in House of the Dragon, and the day he finally dies will be one of celebration. Despite the fact he is annoyingly attractive, even that doesn’t forgive his sin of being extremely annoying and a character I absolutely wish a bitter end to.

Ever since Ser Criston Cole asked Rhaenyra to run away with him on the boat I think we all collectively got the ick, and from that moment I’ve been wondering when and how he finally dies in House of the Dragon. Whilst we don’t know 100 per cent whether he will meet the same end as he does in the book as in the show, here’s how he finally ends up kicking the bucket in the novel.


In the show and book, King Aegon devices to make Ser Criston Hand of the King, and replace Otto Hightower. This new position of power allows Criston to plan more of the battles against the Blacks, most of them being very successful. Ser Criston then plans an ambush on Princess Rhaenys and Meleys during the Battle at Rook’s Rest which goes incredibly well, resulting in the Greens defeating a Blacks dragonrider. This success meant Ser Criston was able to convince  Aemond Targaryen to march with him to Harrenhal and try to take it from Daemon.


When they arrive Daemon is nowhere to be seen, and it turns out he has joined Rhaenyra on her assault of Kings Landing, and since neither Ser Criston nor Aemond are there to protect the throne she manages to seize control of it.

Following this Criston requests Aemond to march with him again to the South but he declines. Due to this, it means Ser Criston is forced to walk alone without any protection and he is eventually ambushed by a small army of Blacks. Whilst Ser Criston tries to surrender this is House of the Dragon after all, so obviously he dies instead. Criston is killed by just three arrows and once he’s dead, his head is decapitated from his body and used as a warning to the Greens. Who knows whether they’ll change his death for the show, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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