Bea Wilkinson

Bea Wilkinson
Bournemouth University


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Luke O’Connor was killed in Fallowfield after light-hearted skateboard comment, court told

The second year MMU student was fatally stabbed after coming home from a Halloween party

There are officially more rats in Fallowfield than students, new study finds

Praying the uni doesn’t choose to increase rent prices to deal with the pests

Applications to join The Manchester Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

Applications close on Thursday 30th March 

University of Manchester remains the favourite university of UK’s top employers

Some motivation to push on with your diss perhaps

Manchester University confirms student has died in Richmond Park accommodation

The student’s identity has not yet been confirmed

Students say French lecturer repeatedly says ‘n-word’ amid department’s ‘culture of racism’

Students claim the lecturer has said the n-word in both French and English on three occasions since 2021

LIVE: Manchester Uni threatens occupiers with potential expulsion if they don’t leave by 4pm

Students have until 4pm to vacate the John Owens building

Nerf wars, political workshops and movie nights: Life inside the Manchester Uni occupation

‘The more rooms we have the more disruption we can cause to pressure the Uni to meet our demands’

Nominations are officially open for Fallowfield’s Fittest 2023!

You really don’t want to miss this

The Warehouse Project warns of dangerous ketamine-like drug being circulated

A number of people have been hospitalised as a result of the substance

University of Manchester students withhold half a million pounds in rent strike protest

Organisers say 350 students have participated in this month’s rent strike

‘I simply can’t afford to pay it’: The reality of the Manchester rent strike

Around 300 first year students are withholding hundreds of thousands of pounds in rent today

Manchester Rent Strike is calling on first year students to withhold millions in rent this month

The group is calling for students to cancel their direct debits by 19th January