The Ultimatum on Netflix is straight-up toxic and everyone on it is a walking red flag

Netflix really said ‘let’s cause pure chaos’

Look, everyone loves a bit of trashy and chaotic TV. But The Ultimatum, the newest dating show on Netflix, goes so far into this that it’s just SO messy and toxic. One review even called The Ultimatum a “10-part bin fire” and I would have to agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly.

The thing is, pretty much every single cast member is just a walking, talking red flag. But even if we ignore the cast, the show itself was always going to be utter chaos – its concept is absolutely wild. I’m convinced everyone on it hates each other, why else would you willingly put yourself and your relationship through this “experiment”? Loads of the cast absolutely JUMP at the chance to date other people, and when they are in their original couples they just end up arguing all the time. It’s toxic.

The whole concept is just incredibly messy tbh

If we just ignore the cast and stuff they did on The Ultimatum for a sec, the whole concept of the show is just pure chaos. It forces couples to break up and then immediately date new people, whilst watching their ex do the same. They then live with a total stranger for three weeks, before being thrown back with their ex for another three weeks. And then at the end of all THAT, they have to decide who they want to marry.

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I’m exhausted just thinking about it – right from the off, the whole show is just so messy.

Does anyone on this show actually like each other?

I know half the cast have issued ultimatums to the other half of the cast, which theoretically means they want to get married to their partners, but seriously. Do any of them actually like each other? Several of them seem actually excited at the thought of breaking up and getting to date other people, and when the original couples do reunite they just spend the whole time arguing.

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They’re all so YOUNG

I’m so confused about why or how anyone would actually end up on The Ultimatum. On the show it’s said April is 23, Rae is 24, whilst Zay and Madlyn are 25. I’m sorry but who wants to get married so badly in their early 20s that they’ll issue an ultimatum and then go on a whole TV show about it?? Just chill, guys.

The cast throw red flags around left, right and centre

Where to even begin?? There are so many wild and unhinged moments in The Ultimatum. Colby told Lauren he didn’t think about Madlyn at all when he was with her. Then later on in the experiment Madlyn found out he’d been talking to a random woman from a club and even claimed to her that they were in an open relationship. He didn’t take any responsibility and just blamed everyone else for his own fuck-ups.

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Nate issued Lauren an ultimatum, but when he realised he wouldn’t end up the trial partner he wanted ended up changing his mind, pretending the ultimatum wasn’t an issue any more and straight-up proposed to her.

April went through Jake’s phone without him knowing and then had a meltdown when she found evidence of his trial relationship with Rae – that was the whole point of the show. Rae and Zay had an argument, and instead of talking it out he just leaves and stays out all night. There are just SO many moments that are incredibly uncomfortable and hard to watch.

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