Love Island’s David has said Zara and Olivia told Islanders they knew each other before the show

He said their beef is ‘100 per cent real’

Dumped Love Island 2023 contestant David Salako has revealed that Zara and Olivia did in fact acknowledge they knew each other before being on the show together.

David, who entered as a bombshell alongside Zara, posted a number of videos during a TikTok question and answer session. As to be assumed, everyone was asking what the drama was between Zara and Olivia and how true it was if they knew each other before the show.

During the Q&A, David confirmed that Zara told the other Islanders that she knew who Olivia was before the show and Olivia confirmed it to the others. In the video, he said: “Yes, this is something that was discussed in the villa. So I think Zara told everyone that she knew Liv and then Liv confirmed. I just want to confirm that the beef with Zara and Olivia is 100 per cent real.”

David was also asked what his thoughts were on Zara and if he thought she was coming across as cocky on the show. David, who entered the villa with Zara, shut down any idea that Zara may be cocky and said: “Personally I don’t think Zara is coming across as cocky. Once you get to know her she is just a really confident girl and she just knows what she wants.”

David said that going in as a bombshell was “nerve wracking”. “Entering the villa with Zara was great, as we were so confident together. I felt that we did shake things up a bit. The Islanders already had such a bond, so it was good going in with another Islander.”

This news comes after it was revealed that Olivia and Zara were in a music video together in 2019. The dancers featured in Dapz’ music video for Take You Away in August 2019. Eagle-eyed Love Island fans also noticed that Zara and Olivia had been liking and leaving comments under each other’s Instagram posts from over three years ago.

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