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Love Island’s Andrew Le Page reveals five questions uni students need to ask before renting

Andrew was an estate agent before starring on the show

Before Andrew Le Page entered the Love Island villa in 2022, he was an estate agent in Dubai, selling some pretty incredible properties. With being an estate agent, comes some important knowledge on housing and renting and there is no one who needs tips more than students.

Andrew has previously offered advice to students on what to look for when it comes to renting at university, but he has since gone into further detail about the key things students need to ask before they even decide to rent a student house.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, Andrew has revealed the five most important questions students need to ask while being shown around a prospective property to rent at university.

via Instagram @andrewlepage

1. How much are the bills roughly on top of the rent?

The first may seem like a no-brainer but Andrew said it is key to ask how much bills are roughly before renting. He said: “There are loads of important questions to ask but an important one would be to ask how much bills are roughly, like all bills. A lot of young people have a budget and bills need to be included in that so definitely ask how much bills are roughly so you can budget for that.”

So if you have a budget in mind for rent, ensure you’re adding bills on top of that and asking the agent showing you around the property how much roughly the bills would be.

2. What are the amenities in the student area?

A second important question would be to ask what the amenities are like in the local area. Andrew said to ask “what the transport is like, how close the university is, where the shops and gyms are”, as well as how close it is to bus stops and train stations.

When dissertation season rolls around, you better hope and pray you only live a five minute walk from the university library.

3. Is the landlord willing to negotiate the rent price?

Something that may not even cross a student’s mind is asking if a landlord would be willing to negotiate on the price of rent. According to Andrew, “the real estate agent should have an idea if the landlord would be happy to negotiate”. You don’t get if you don’t ask so “don’t be afraid to ask that”.

4. Has the landlord made any upgrades to the property?

Another important question to ask and an answer to note is if there have been any upgrades to the property. Andrew told The Tab students should ask the estate agent if there have been any upgrades by the landlord.

5. How long have the previous tenants lived at the property?

And finally, it’s important to ask how long the previous tenants have lived in the property, hinting at how nice your future landlord may be. Andrew said: “Ask how long have the previous tenants been there, if they’ve been there a long time you’ll know they would have had a fairly good relationship with the landlord. It’s a good indication that the people previously enjoyed living there.”

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