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Dumped Islanders Anna-May and Haris hint Tanya and Shaq’s heads could turn on Love Island

‘Shaq’s not 100 per cent invested in Tanya’

Dumped Islanders David Salako, Anna-May Robey and Haris Namani have all piped up recently and hinted that Tanya and Shaq’s relationship may not be all as it seems on Love Island.

Tanya and Shaq are currently going from strength to strength, and he even admitted that he felt himself falling in love with her. David was getting close to Tanya when he was in the villa but she chose to couple up with Shaq in the end.

The three dumped Islanders were all on an TikTok live together and they discussed their opinions on the Islanders and couples.

When the topic of discussion came onto which Islanders’ heads they think could turn, Anna-May said: “I think Tanya as well. I think Tanya’s head could turn.” David then went on to say he thought Tanya wasn’t all that into Shaq and Haris agreed.

Haris said: “It’s actually mad you said to see that bro because what you see on TV, how they are, I don’t know what they’ve been showing or how they’ve been like put across. The same with Shaq thought, Shaq’s not 100 per cent invested in Tanya, because he was still willing to get to know Zara, and Shaq always mentioned that Zara was his type on the outside world and stuff like that – that’s a bit thing to say, you know what I mean?”

David also mentioned he didn’t think Tanya and Shaq had a “genuine connection”. Where was all this energy in the villa? Haris then said he thought if David was in the villa for longer, “it would have been a different ball game.”

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