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From Australia to Wigan: These are the hometowns of the winter Love Island 2023 cast

I could listen to Jessie talk for hours

When it comes to finding contestants to go on Love Island, the casting team search is high and low to find those who will just right on the show. Of course a couple of the contestants are from Essex as they hope to follow the footsteps of previous winners Jack and Dani and Cara and Nathan.

This year’s cohort of Islanders come from all around the world thanks to two new bombshells. The accent soup in that villa is next to none, but if you’re not familiar with a few of them, this is where the hometowns of the current Love Island 2023 cast are.

Will – Aylesbury

Farmer Will has won the hearts of the nation while he has been on Love Island, and it only made his OG TikTok fans love him more. Will grew up in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and his Instagram is full of pictures of him on his farm which is home to alpacas and sheep.

Jessie – Tasmania

Jessie Wynter is one of the Australian bombshells on winter Love Island 2023. Jessie is from Tasmania, which is an island state of Australia, however she knows lives in Sydney and works as a personal trainer.

Tom – Barnsley

Tom is a semi-professional footballer and is from Barnsley. The 23-year-old plays as a forward for Macclesfield, which is about an hour and a half drive from his hometown of Barnsley. He is sort of popped in the middle of Manchester and Sheffield.

Sanam – Bedford

Casa Amor bombshell Sanam is from Bedford. The 24-year-old is a social worker and she graduated with a Masters from the University of Bedford in 2022. Sanam seems to know former Islander Deji from the 2022 series as he wished her luck when it was announced she would be going into the villa.

Olivia – Brighton

Ring girl Olivia Hawkins is from Brighton. The winter Love Islander doesn’t show much of her Brighton life on her Instagram and often seems to be living it up in London.

Shaq – London

24-year-old Shaq is from London and before entering the villa he worked as an airport security guard. Shaq is genuinely the best boy in the villa and constantly holds the other boys to account when they’re in the wrong, things you love to see.

Tanya – Liverpool

Love Island 2023 OG girl Tanya is from Liverpool. Everyone scratches their heads when it comes to Tanya’s accent but often her Liverpool accent shines through.

Lana – Luton

Makeup artist Lana is from Luton. The 25-year-old actually used to date I’m A Celebrity star Owen Warner. Lana is now in a relationship once again after Ron asked her to be his girlfriend and she obliged. Love Island viewers aren’t all that convinced about the romance but only time will tell.

Samie – London

Samie Elishi is the latest bombshell to enter the South African villa and is she from London. Camden, to be precise. Samie’s London accent definitely comes out when she’s heated and fans haven’t had anything like it since Belle Hassan in 2019.

Ron – Essex

Ron is currently one of the only Love Island 2023 contestants whose hometown is Essex. Although, the way he has been acting with Lana, who knows if he’ll follow his Essex predecessors to the final.

Kai – Manchester

Science and PE teacher Kai is from Manchester. Kai is a semi-professional rugby player and plays for South Manchester club Burnage, and he went to school with Manchester United ace Marcus Rashford.

Tanyel – London

Tanyel is a North London girl through and through and there is no doubt about it. She often shares jaw-dropping photos of her in and around London on her Instagram page.

Aaron – Melbourne

Aaron isn’t the only Love Island 2023 contestants whose hometown is Australia. Aaron is the bombshell who starred on season three on the Australian version of Love Island. He is from Melbourne.

Casey – Tring

Casey entered the villa a few weeks ago and he doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s good books after pieing off Claudia for Rosie. The consultant is from Tring in Hertfordshire, the Borough of Dacorum to be precise.

Claudia – Blackburn

Nepo baby Claudia Fogarty is the daughter of Carl Fogarty, who back I’m A Celebrity back in the day. The 28-year-old is from Blackburn.

Maxwell – London

Maxwell was one of the Casa Amor bombshells who was brought back to the main villa. He is in a couple with Olivia and so far, things seem to be going well. Maxwell is from London and he has two finance degrees from the University of Liverpool.

Rosie – Buckinghamshire

Rosie is one of the latest bombshells in the Love Island villa and she has turned Casey’s head completely, which has left Claudia in tears. Rosie is from Buckinghamshire, not all that far from farmer Will.

Keanan – Wigan

Love Island 2023 Keanan’s hometown is Wigan and entered the Love Island villa alongside fellow bombshell Rosie. Although, his accent as a bit of a twinge as he plays for Rugby League Ireland.

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