Here’s everything you need to know about the Kiwi Kids’ Bad Hair Day song on TikTok

Paul Breach has done a dance to it ffs

A new sound has taken over TikTok in the last few days and it’s the most upbeat and iconic sound that has ever graced the app. If you’re unsure about the sound, then you’re definitely on the wrong side of TikTok.

The Bad Hair Day song has only 27,000 videos attached to its sound on TikTok but is somehow everywhere at the same time, but no one knows where it came from and why they can’t escape it. A lot of TikTokers have said it’s a song children in New Zealand sang at primary school and it checks out.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Bad Hair Day song all over your TikTok For You Page.

It’s a ‘classic Kiwi kids song’

There are a bunch of YouTube videos with the lyrics to the full song and the description says the song is a Kiwi kids song. The title of the song is pretty self-explanatory as it’s about having a bad hair day at the worst time imaginable. One YouTube video says the “love humourous song” originates from the Kiwi Kids Song Book.

A lot of TikTokers have corroborated where the song comes from, with a lot of them saying they used to sing it during their assemblies. One TikToker commented: “New Zealand songs were a vibe though, especially in assemblies.”

TikTokers are obsessed with the song and have made countless videos dancing to it

A lot of the TikTokers who have been dancing along to the song are from the UK and are actually envious of the absolute bop kids in New Zealand got to sing at school. One user said: “In the UK we sang songs about cauliflowers being fluffy whilst NZ had this absolute banger.”


This song lives rent free in my head #fyp #foryoupage #nz #badhairday


A lot of New Zealand TikTok creators have been reminiscing from when they were in school and singing the song, as well as sharing other iconic tunes they would sing. One user said: “If you know this song then you went to primary school in New Zealand.” She then went onto share other songs including Individuality and Fish and Chips.


This song slaps 🙌 #NewZealand #BadHairDay


Is the song on any streaming platforms?

Unfortunately, Bad Hair Day is not available to stream on Spotify and longform versions of the song can either be found on YouTube or on TikTok, thanks to the three minute video feature on the app.

You can listen to the full song here:

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