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Lavish holidays and fancy dinner dates: Inside Love Island 2023’s Tanyel Raven’s boujie life

She is ALWAYS on holiday

Winter Love Island 2023 contestant Tanyel Raven has been on everyone’s minds recently as she has become a new favourite in the villa. Before Tanyel entered the villa, she had her own hair salon and was doing pretty good for herself. The 26-year-old leads a pretty exciting life from exciting holidays to very fancy dinners in Central London, she sure knows how to have fine. While you patiently wait to see what she gets up to on Love Island, here’s everything you need to know about Tanyel Raven’s incredibly boujie life.

She has been on some incredible holidays

Tanyel’s Instagram is practically a homage to all her amazing holidays. Whether it’s Portugal, Amsterdam or Turkey, Tanyel has been jet-setting non stop. Just back in November 2022, Tanyel was in Amsterdam living her best life and a month before was in Turkey. It’s no secret that a lot of people enjoy fun holidays, but Tanyel is always on holidays.

She has even taken the very well-known picture outside the Eiffel Tower in Paris that seemingly every single person, Islander included, has done. It’s iconic and so makes sense as to why Tanyel has a photo there.

Her outfit game is unmatched

Tanyel’s outfits on Love Island are flawless and her fashion sense is most definitely something she’s had for a long time. All of Tanyel’s Instagram photos are nothing short of iconic and that’s mainly because of her absolutely stunning outfits. No matter the occasion, location or weather, Tanyel has got an outfit for it and she certainly knows how to dress.

She is a successful hair stylist and is really talented

Tanyel was a hair stylist before she entered the winter Love Island villa and was incredibly successful. Tanyel has an Instagram dedicated to her hair salon called Revan Hair. At her salon, Tanyel provides different services including flat weft extensions, balayage, tints and keratin treatment.

The Islander has a number of happy clients and her Instagram page is an ode to that. Tanyel’s hair is the villa is always laid to perfection so you just know she is a wizard when it comes to other people’s hair.

Tanyel apparently knows Anna Vakili and they even went on nights out together

According to The Sun, Tanyel was mates with season five star Anna Vakili. The two are both from London so it’s fair to say they likely bumped into each other. Tanyel reportedly used to date Anna’s friend and they went on nights out partying together. After Tanyel split with her boyfriend, she headed into the South African villa to find love on the show.

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