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Nine Instagram posts you’ve definitely made if you’re a Lancs student

Who hasn’t posted a sunset pic of the castle?

If you’re a Lancs student, it can often feel like you spend all your time in lecture theatres, the library or Greggs. And let’s be honest, they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing areas. So when you find a place that’s adorned with plants or fairy lights, or somewhere groovier with neon signs, it can feel like you just have to share it with the world, or more realistically, your Instagram followers.

From cute cafes to cocktail bars, perfect walking spots or Friday nights in Sugar, there are a multitude of places to get cool pictures to show your friends from home what Lancaster Uni is really like. If you’re a regular poster, or take more to sharing on your story, here are the nine places you’ve probably photographed and posted in some form on your Instagram.


It’s your first time going to Sugar. You see the neon angel wings in the main room and shout in your friend’s ear: “We have to get a picture!!”. Whether it’s a solo pic or a group shot, let’s be honest, it looks pretty cool on Instagram. Because realistically, if you didn’t get an angel picture, did you really go to Sugar??


Morecambe beach is perfect for a short Saturday day trip and can make for some pretty cute Instagram posts. You’ve probably dragged your friends onto the 100 and made them all pose in front of the sea. Or even got a classic fish and chips pic with a backdrop of the beach for some seaside vibes.

Williamson Park

One of Lancaster’s best-known spots, Williamson Park is perfect for a mid-afternoon walk or stopping to see some butterflies in the Butterfly House. Whether it’s decorated with autumn leaves or blue skies and sunshine, the park has many places to stop and take a photo. The city can also look amazing if you’re willing to climb to the top of the Ashton Memorial, and looks even more impressive when you’re showing it off on your Instagram.




The extravs, held by each college, each have a different theme to round off the year in style. If you’ve gone to a few, you’ve no doubt got an extrav themed post showing off your variety of costumes no matter how elaborate, such as pirates, St Trinian’s, and Las Vegas. First years, you’re likely to get some good pics to post from your first extrav this summer.


If you like to spend your Saturdays trying out new cafés and restaurants in Lancaster, you’ve definitely stumbled upon the Herbarium. It’s covered in plants and has arguably some of the most delicious vegan food in Lancaster. With their impressive presentation, you’ve probably posted a latte art picture on your story, or gone for the neon says that says “This is the sign you’ve been looking for”. So true, Herbarium.

Lancaster Castle

Beautiful during the day, and even more beautiful with a sunset. Lancaster Castle looks so majestic, so how can you not post a picture every time you walk past? Bonus points if you’ve posted one at sunrise, but is it worth walking up the hill that early in the morning?


If you’re a fan of cocktails, Tipple has a whole range that taste as incredible as they look. The dark, stylish aesthetic can make for some nice group shots, or post your dream soda or flame-topped cocktail on your story. They never fail to impress.

By the Bonnington steps

Let’s be honest, no one is sitting here in the dark, wintry months of Michaelmas term. But in the summer, when exams are over, this is a picturesque place, perfect for lounging with a book, having a catch up with your friends, and taking a few snaps for the gram. And if you’re enjoying it that much, and the sun is out, you might have taken a cheeky picture of the ducks and posted it to your Instagram. Because they’re cute and the world needs to know about it.