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These are all the Love Island challenges that have been scrapped over the years

There hasn’t been a lie detector test for a while

Love Island does a good job when it comes to different challenges and providing viewers with the utmost entertainment and usually it’s when Islanders reveal all their secrets.

Over the years, a lot of Love Island challenges have been axed from the show, and each year viewers beg for their return. A lot of the scrapped challenges have been down to protecting the Islanders’ mental health.

From gross food challenges to the lie detector test, these are all the challenges that have been axed on Love Island.

The lie detector test

via ITV

The lie detector test was the challenge that really proved who was lying and who was telling the truth in the different couples. It usually took place in the final weeks of the show, just before the dreaded baby challenge.

The test last featured in 2018, the season Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer won. One question that left Dani was upset was when she asked Jack if he would stray when they left the villa and he failed to answer honestly.

Ahead of the 2019 series, the challenge was scrapped and a source told The Sun: “The lie detector episode is everyone’s favourite but it does cause some serious arguments between couples.”

The headline challenge

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The headline challenge was an unmissable moment on Love Island. Islanders would read out headlines from news stories that had been published in the UK and they had to fill in the blanks.

The show stopped doing the challenge in 2020 and it hasn’t featured in any season since then. A lot of Love Island viewers complained over the headlines tricking the Islanders into believing something that wasn’t true.

Any and all food challenges

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Our prayers were finally answered when Love Island scrapped the food challenges on the show, in a bid to become more environmentally friendly. An ITV boss commented on the removal of the challenge and said: “We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them. We try to strive to be better as an environmentally friendly production and we try to be better with waste in this day and age.”

The Twitter challenge

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The Twitter challenge is fairly similar to the headline challenge. Islanders would have to guess who the tweet was about and in 2017, one of Stormzy’s tweets featured in the challenge about Chris and Olivia’s relationship.

In 2020, an inside source told The Sun: “The Twitter challenge won’t be on this year’s series. It has been ditched for good, it’s just not happening on the winter season.”

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