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Five annoying foods Newcastle students shouldn’t eat in the library

Some of your food makes me gag

This is a definitive list of the five most annoying foods I’ve seen people eat in the Robbo, it needs to stop, now.


Crisps are seen so regularly inside libraries as they are the go-to snack in every student’s meal deal. However, the sheer sound of the crunches that take place when someone’s eating crisps disturbs any flow you have when banging out your uni work.

It only gets worse when you factor in some of the flavours of crisps out there. Nobody wants to be sniffing prawn cocktail Walkers in the library.

Any form of fast food

Absolutely no need for anyone to bring fast food into the library. Maccies chips do bang but the smell in the library is not the one. The grease that comes from a Big Mac or any other burger just ruins the vibe and stinks up the room.

Egg sandwiches

If someone whips out an egg sandwich in the library, then have your gas mask ready and stay far away. These things contaminate any library space and are a poor choice when picking out a meal deal. Serious questions have to be asked if you’re picking this over a BLT. Do better.

Chewing gum

Another staple of a student diet, the constant chewing of gum has to be up there with the most annoying things to hear in the library, as well as insanely fast, unnecessary typing on laptops. It makes your body shiver, and your mind just cannot process information as that continuous clacking bounces inside your cranium.

Protein shakes

When that one student who bangs gym in the morning turns up to the library with their protein shake then you know you’re in trouble. They use as much energy as they did at the gym to shake the hell out of it and it’s just bad vibes. Good for you that you’ve been to the gym but don’t rub it in my face.