Will’s brother tells Jessie to ‘speak her truth’ after Casey drama on Love Island

He echoed Will’s ‘snake’ sentiment

Love Island 2023 cast member Will’s brother, Tom, has spoken out over the drama on last night’s Love Island episode. Viewers saw Casey and Jessie in a heated argument and a number of the Islanders sharing their thoughts on Jessie’s genuine nature behind her back.

Everyone who was watching the show had a lot to say about the matter, with a lot of people sharing their support for Jessie and slamming those being unkind. During the show, Casey told Jessie he didn’t care for her opinion and Olivia claimed Jessie was “very aware” of the environment she was in.

One viewer who didn’t hold back his opinion is Will’s older brother, Tom. In two Instagram story posts, Tom kept is sweet and simple and told Jessie and Will to “speak your truth” amidst the Casey drama.

Will's brother Tom Love Island

via Instagram @youngtom_96

In another Instagram story post, Will’s brother Tom shared his happiness over Will defending Jessie on Love Island. During the episode, Will called out his fellow Islanders, calling them “snakes” for not telling Jessie their thoughts about her to her face and instead, behind her back. Despite Olivia trying to defend herself and others, Will has having absolutely none of it.

Tom shared two simple sentences in response to Will and it summed up what we were all thinking. Tom said: “Rate this. Good boy.” These simple comments prove that people aren’t too keen about the other Islander’s comments about Jessie.

via Instagram @youngtom_96

Love Island viewers defended Jessie just as much as Will did during last night’s episode, slamming Casey and the other Islanders. One viewer said: “I’m confused. Since when did Jessie voicing her opinion on Casey make her not genuine with Will?”


Another viewer said: “Jessie shouldn’t have pulled Casey aside but why is everyone dragging her and b****ing about her when she’s done the least stuff out of the girls?”


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