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An ode to Tom: The pearl loving king who is proving to be the best Islander in the villa

It’s safe to say he has redeemed himself since Casa Amor

Tom Clare. An icon, meme king and winter Love Island legend. Ever since Tom entered the villa as a bombshell he has proven to be a favourite amongst Love Island viewers and it’s time to say he is the best boy that villa has seen this year.

He has is flaws like anyone else, and at times he hasn’t been everyone’s favourite but he’s beginning to prove himself as one of the best Islanders on this year’s season, and here’s why.

Tom is always there for the other Islanders

via ITV

If there’s one thing about Tom, he’s going to back to girls. When Jessie was in tears after finding out what Will got up to in Casa Amor, Tom was the first one to comfort her. You just know he gives the best hugs because Jessie didn’t leave his side and he let her cry into his shirt for as long as she needed.

Even when the Claudia and Casey saga happened, Tom was quick to comfort Claudia and let Casey know he was partially in the wrong for his actions. But it isn’t just the girls Tom is there for, he was there for Shaq when he was heartbroken over Tanya’s actions. Tom even told Shaq his exact thoughts when it came to Tanya’s feelings for Shaq. Tom is the friend we all need.

Yes he messed up with Samie, but he has redeemed himself ever since

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It’s fair to say Tom hasn’t had the easiest time in the villa and he has made his share of mistakes. He was wrong to stray in Casa Amor and hide the truth from Samie but he seemed genuinely sorry and is glued to her side. Casa Amor may not be the healthiest relationship test, but it only ended in bringing Samie and Tom even closer. That couple needs all the brand deals when they leave the show and they seem the most legit in there.

He created this meme that’ll never stopped being used

When Tom lost his temper after Zara had a go at him in the early winter Love Island days, he stormed off and created the best meme. Every season of Love Island produces a meme that’ll be used for every season to come and Tom did just that. Tom Bolton eat your heart out.