Which Birmingham campus study space is the best?

No matter the need, there will be a study space on campus for you

The Uni of Birmingham is known for its beautiful redbrick campus, also its substantial size. As beautiful as campus is it can be overwhelming deciding where to go, there is almost too many options.

Therefore, The Birmingham Tab have made a compilation of familiar study spaces broken down to suit your day-to-day mood, preferences, and needs. Whether you’re cramming for an exam, writing an essay in a night, or just simply having a study date with a friendthey’ll be a space best suited for you! 

The Teaching and Learning Building

If you’re looking for somewhere less oppressive than the library, the Teaching and Learning building provides a more relaxed atmosphere whilst being more focused than a café with a great deal of study spaces on each floor. The Atrium café on the Upper Ground (UG) floor provides food and drink options which may help students endure long study periods. First year UoB students will benefit from its close proximity to the Vale, located by the entrance onto campus by Northgate. Despite the dreaded awkward stairs, the Teaching and Learning building offers a vast, open space for students to study whilst in the company of their peers within this welcoming environment. 

The Library

With a range of different study spaces, the library is perfect for students seeking specific preferences. With private rooms available, students can book slots to meet with groups for study sessions or project meetings, or they can use the space for independent, silent study. The library provides PC computers, laptop spaces, and an extensive number of materials for students to flick-through or borrow for their studies.  

The Library cafe

The Library can add stress to your study sessions as it is pretty intense, therefore if you want a vibe similar to the Library but not quite as silent the Library cafe could be perfect for you. With friendly staff and plenty of beverage and food choices, the café offers a more stimulating, chilled environment for students on breaks or seeking a more relaxed study environment whereby chatting and television accompanies them.

Starbucks and Costa

Starbucks and Costa both offer relaxed, vibrant spaces for students to study with their friends as well as studying independently without feeling lonely or overwhelmed by intense working environments. Despite pricey beverages, these mainstream café chains are familiar to majority of students who will perhaps find greater motivation and energy to study in sociable, stimulating, inviting places like these. Also if your lucky you might be able to grab a cheap Too Good To Go Bag whilst in these study areas. 

The Mason Lounge

Located on the bottom floor of the Arts building, the Mason Lounge offers students a study space more under the radar than the library or the Teaching and Learning building. With tables and booths providing plenty of laptop space, this study space offers a comforting, friendly space less daunting than the larger buildings. Students seeking a more relaxed vibe when undertaking their studies would be best suited for this space. 

The Guild of Students

Familiar to most students on a Wednesday night, the Guild of Students offers an abundance of areas to study, socialise, and collaborate with friends. With a Subway, Joe’s Bar, many private rooms, and plenty of study spaces the Guild provides places where students can socialise and break between more casual study periods. As a more relaxed study space, students can feel a sense of community on their university campus creating an enjoyable, stimulating environment.

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