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Who is Alexandra Cooper? The Call Her Daddy podcast host who seems to know every celebrity

Oh she’s rich rich

Alexandra Cooper has taken the podcast world by storm and has really proven to have insightful interviews via her Call Her Daddy podcast on Spotify.

The social media personality has connections like no other and is best known for his conversations with different celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Miley Cyrus and more recently Zayn Malik.

Despite her exceptional rise to fame, not a lot of people know who the mastermind behind Call Her Daddy is. Here’s the lowdown on Alexandra Cooper.

She is 28 years old from Pennsylvania

Alexandra is a 28-year-old from Pennsylvania and lived the small-town girl next door vibe before she rose to fame. However it wasn’t long before Alex moved away from home to focus on her career.

She studied at Boston University and was a star athlete

Alexandra attended Boston University on a sports scholarship and played soccer while there. She played for the division one group which is pretty much the creme de la creme. So in short, Alex was a pretty big deal.

Alex majored in film and television while at Boston University and she graduated in May 2017 and quickly moved to New York City to pursue her dreams. When she moved to NYC, she quickly made headlines after being spotted kissing baseball player Noah Syndergaard.

Call Her Daddy was originally with Alex and her best friend

via Instagram @sofiafranklyn

Alex was introduced to Sofia Franklyn while in New York and it was with them started the Call Her Daddy podcast. According to MyJournal, Alexandra and Sofia were on a night out and had a conversation about their dating life and someone overheard and suggested they start a podcast.

At the same time, Alexandra was trying to make it on YouTube and someone soon reached out about starting her own podcast and she partnered up with Sofia and Call Her Daddy was born.

She and Sofia Franklyn signed a three year deal with Barstool Sports

After Call Her Daddy took off and people began engaging with it, Barstool Sports founder, David Portnoy got in touch with the friends and were interested in working with them on the podcast. Next thing they knew, the pair signed a three year deal with Barstool Sports. After that, “the podcast literally blew up,” according to Alex.

Over the three years, they were paid $75,000, $85,000 and $100,000 for the podcast. The friends later asked for a raise and after being turned down, David Portnoy did a U-turn and offered way more money. However it was after this that Alex and Sofia’s friendship began to break down.

Alex and her friend split from the podcast and it became her own

Alex was pleased with the negotiations with Barstool, but Sofia wasn’t eventually she left the podcast. Call Her Daddy eventually became a one woman show and in August 2020, Miley Cyrus was on the podcast and the rest is history.

She has even had a fling with Logan Paul

In April 2021, Alexandra admitted on the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards that she had a brief fling with YouTuber Logan Paul. She said: “We were going to keep it to ourselves,” but things between them ended after their relationship went public.

In 2021, she signed a deal with Spotify worth $60 million

In June 2021 it was reported that Alexandra signed a three-year $60 million deal with Spotify. The deal was Spotify’s “biggest exclusive deal for a woman-led podcast”, according to Variety.

Talking about the move from Barstool Sports, Alex said: “I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has supported, helped and been a part of Call Her Daddy. From its start three years ago, the show has always been about challenging the status quo and manifesting conversations that previously only happened behind closed doors.”

Alexandra is always doing something fun and goes on the most stunning holidays

As to be assumed, Alex is living a pretty cushty life. Her Instagram is full of photos of her on stunning holidays and she has visited the likes of Milan, Las Vegas and London. She also attends a number of fancy events and was even at Paris Fashion Week in February.

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